Consultation and examination of the patient are important stages as at this particular time a decision is taken regarding the work with the patient, a program to correct aesthetic shortcomings is developed. The cosmetologist’s main task during the primary consultation is to hear the patient and explain possibilities of the aesthetic medicine in each case.

Contour correction

Contour correction is the injectable technique of elimination of wrinkles and correction of face contours. Today, the contour correction reached the level that it allows specialists to literally “fashion” desired facial contours – to create prominent cheekbones, an ideally smooth transition between nasolabial and lacrimonasal areas and cheeks, attractive expressive lips, a clearly outlined chin.

Injection cosmetology

Modern anti-ageing injections methods, providing natural regeneration and rejuvenation as a result of activation of internal cellular resources (without plastic surgery).

Apparatus cosmetology

This will allow to rejuvenate the skin and remove defects without disturbing the skin surface and to smooth out wrinkles, even the deepest.

PRP - Plasma therapy or Autologous Cellular Rejuvenation PRP/ARC by RegenLab® (Switzerland)

Osteopathic cosmetology

Aesthetic manual facial modelling is an alternative to surgical methods of rejuvenation and facial oval correction.

Beauty treatments

Professional programs for lifting, deep moisturizing, rejuvenation, treatment for the face, neck and decollete skin.

Rejuvenation of Skin around Eyes

The eyes are not only the window to the soul but also the reflection of problems, a lack of sleep, genetics, bad ecology, and poor nutrition. Though all their beauty and depth, just they deceitfully betray the woman’s age – the first mimic wrinkles, dark shadows and edema appear around them.


A procedure of skin stimulation and restoration without rehabilitation.


A new approach to wax epilation without pain and irritation.