Live a healthier lifewith the help of  Your genes

Among the methods for diagnosing the causes of obesity, a new laboratory method appeared recently, which was created at the intersection of fundamental science, genetics and physiology, and clinical practice – the FiguraGen genetic analysis. This research allows you to know the features of your body and choose the most effective ways to lose weight.

What is FiguraGen genetic analysis?

Here it is necessary to make a small digression to Biology, namely – to Genetics. After all, not everyone, probably, remember what a “gene” is.

A gene is a section of a DNA molecule that contains information about a certain protein, its composition and structure. All the features of the body and how it works are determined by the properties of the proteins that make it up. One gene responsible for a single protein may have several variants. Therefore, the properties of proteins, if they differ slightly in structure, will be different.

Genetic analysis reveals exactly which gene variants you have. The research is conducted on five genes, whose participation in the processes of obesity is proven.

How is the research conducted?

The material for the research is collected in a completely non-invasive way, namely, the oral mucosa in the cheek area is taken with a cotton swab. The swab with a cotton tip is placed in a special tube, closed and sent to the laboratory.

What does the research show to the patient?

Briefly, the FiguraGen genetic analysis provides each patient with:

  • Knowledge of features of your body, its predisposition to obesity;
  • Ability to plan your way of life and diet in accordance with your own nature;
  • A reliable tool for achieving the desired weight;

What are the results of the research?

Based on information about your gene variants, a summary is made about the peculiarities of your metabolism: why fat accumulation takes place and how to get rid of it in the best way.

These data form the basis of the recommendations that a nutritionist prescribes you in the weight loss program.

How long should I follow the recommendations?

Human nature and genetic basis do not change during life. Therefore, if you have a genetic predisposition to increased weight, then to prevent obesity and the diseases to which it leads, you must follow the recommendations throughout your life.

How effective are recommendations based on the FiguraGen genetic analysis?

As practice and the results of international clinical studies show, with accurate compliance with weight loss programs based on the results of FiguraGen, about 90% of patients can significantly reduce body weight and keep the achieved indicators for a long time.

Do I need this research?

The appropriate lifestyle is prescribed to follow to all those who wish to lose weight, having an overestimated value of the body mass index (BMI).

This path cannot be avoided by those who want to get by with only a diet, as well as those who have undergone bariatric surgery (surgery to reduce the volume of the stomach). The results of the analysis allow you to choose features of diet and exercise the most optimal for you.

Diagnostic programs:

Did you know that genes affect Your body weight by 40-70%?
Figura Gen Weight – nutrition advice based on Your genes.

Scientific research shows that genetics affects body weight 40-70%. Genetics and nutrition specialists have cooperated to create the FiguraGen Weight gene test, which helps to eat in a healthy way. DNA test analyzes genetic variations related to the risk of excessive weight, distinctions of metabolism and the effect of physical exercise to body weight.

FiguraGen Weight test helps to:

  • Determine the risks of gaining weight;
  • Identify the suitable diet for weight loss;
  • Acknowledge food preferences and distinctions of personal appetite;
  • Evaluate the need and effect of physical exercise on the body weight.

The results of the FiguraGen Weight gene test help to determine which nutrients create the highest risk for weight gain when consumed excessively. The test results include nutrition recommendations and a personal diet plan.

Did you know that lactose intolerance could be caused only by changes in one gene?
Figura Gen Lacto – test helps to determine whether you are at genetic risk for lactose intolerance.

  • Lactose intolerance a.k.a hypolactasia is a metabolism disorder caused by the body’s inability to produce lactase.
  • Lactase is an enzyme, which reduces lactose i.e. sugar found in milk.
  • Lactose intolerance can be genetically inherited.
  • About 20-30% of Estonian population has genetically inherited lactose intolerance

Did you know that vitamin deficiency could be related to genes?
Figura Gen Vita – test helps to determine whether you have genetic predisposition for vitamiin and ohter micronutrients deficiency.

In addition to diet and lifestyle, genes also determine the risks for vitamin deficiency and related illnesses. FiguraGen Vita test analyses the risk of deficiency for the following vitamins and other micronutrients:

  • Vitamin B6 is important for preventing cardiovascular diseases. Vitamin B6 deficiency increases the chances for depression and anaemia.
  • Vitamin B12 is important for ensuring mental well-being and normal blood production. The symptoms of deficiency may take years to occur.
  • Vitamin D has an important part in keeping bones and teeth healthy. Vitamin D deficiency increases the risk for osteoporosis.
  • Folate is important for the human body to be able to grow and the nervous system to function normally. Deficiency is associated with mental fatigue, irritability, forgetfulness and insomnia.
  • Vitamin A plays an important role in regenerating immune system and mucosa, in development and in vision. Both, too high and too low level of vitamin A in mother’s body can cause birth defects.
  • Iron’s most important role in the organism is the transport of oxygen. Did you know that iron deficiency is the most common nutritional disorder in the world? Deficiency of iron may cause anemia.
  • Calcium is an important mineral in bone development as well as in keeping bones strong. Lack of calcium can cause hypertension, obesity and premenstrual syndrome.
  • Magnesium is required for over 300 metabolic reactions in the body. Lack of magnesium may cause cramping, tiredness, hypertension and type 2 diabetes.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids are important for a healthy heart, blood vessels, eyes and brain, Deficiencies or imbalances in brain fats are known to be associated with dyslexia, hyperactivity, depression, or schizophrenia.

About the laboratory

DNA analyses will be conducted in the Gen  molecular diagnostics laboratory Gen is a medical laboratory specialized in genetic analyses. Gen has a permit for handling sensitive personal information. Gen collects, stores and uses your sensitive personal data (including genetic material) only for conducting the genetic analysis you have ordered.

IB Genetics permit L02423.

Scientific research shows that DNA diet is helpful for your weight!


Genetic Analysis

Figura Gen Weight with expert consultation
Suggestions for losing weight based on genetics.
180.00 €
Figura Gen Vita + Figura Gen Lacto with expert consultation
Helps to evaluate the risk of vitamin deficiency and the risk of lactose intolerance.
210.00 €
Figura Gen Weight + Figura Gen Vita + Figura Gen Lacto with expert consultation
310.00 €

Compliance time limit: 21 weekdays. This term doesn’t include a day of taking bio specimen.

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