Cosmetology for Men – a specialized complex of the cosmetology procedures developed taking into account the anatomic, physiological and hormonal structure of the men’s cells and skin covering.

The main “business card” of any respectable man is his healthy complexion and trim figure. The Art of Beauty medical aesthetic cosmetology center offers the services helping men to solve their appearance problems.

Differences between men’s and women’s skin:

  • Men’s skin is twice thicker and much denser, it can be thin, pergameneous more rarely. It is more elastic and resilient, less inclined to the formation of small net-like wrinkles
  • Men’s skin holds internal liquid better and needs additional moistening less often. Its structure has much more hair follicles, sweat and sebaceous glands is considerable, and in this case the activity of the sweat and sebaceous glands is substantially higher than the activity at women.
  • Men’s skin is inclined to the increased greasiness in comparison with women’s skin.Superactivity of the sebaceous glands leads to occurrence of acne, comedones.
  • pH of men’s skin is more acid, which does it more vulnerable to bacterial contamination.
  • Men’s face skin is more sensitive because of the constant irritating factor, which is often shaving, that causes skin exfoliation.
  • Men’s age gravitational ptosis is stronger expressed; with age they have more evident changes in facial contours.
  • Formation of deep wrinkles is more peculiar to men’s skin, and these wrinkles are removed by any cosmetology medical procedures with the greatest difficulty.
  • Formation of the baggy skin below the eyes that is not connected with liquid retention is typical for men.

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Consultation by a dermatologist on the basis of data obtained from the SOFT PLUS VIDEO device (Callegari, Italy) – a system of multiparameter diagnosis of the state of skin in cosmetology, dermatology. The apparatus is intended for the individual selection of programs to eliminate cosmetic skin defects and the reasonable selection of cosmetics.

Results of the diagnosis are presented in a visual digital or graphic form with the indication of norm boundaries.

Consultation by a dermatologist, doctor-cosmetologist – they will help to understand modern technologies of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology and to choose the most effective methods to save natural attractiveness and rejuvenation, comfortable and safe for the organism.

Cosmetology programs for face correction:

Esthetic face cleansing (ultrasonic and mechanical) – deep face skin cleansing, removal of comedones, sebaceous plugs, dead superficial horn cells.

Face skin becomes fresh, softer, its color is leveled, and moisture content increases.
Puffiness decreases owing to the strengthening of local blood and lymph circulation.
The horny layer of skin consisting of are dying cells becomes thinner. When applying creams and masks on the skin cleansed by ultrasound, the penetration of active agents from its surface into deep layers improves.

Peeling – the process of removal of top layers of epidermis with subsequent physiological skin renewal owing to acceleration of its natural peeling by means of specially selected structures.

This procedure also allows to get rid of such unpleasant changes of skin as pigmentation, scares and consequences of acneiform rash. In addition, the skin tonus and relief increase, pigmentation decreases to minimum, complexion improves, skin oiliness is normalized, signs of aging are eliminated.

Classical care of face skin, neck and eye contour area – programs are developed taking into account men’s specific needs relating to the quality and effectiveness of skin care.

Visual characteristics of skin improve, wrinkles are smoothed, moisturizing level increases, natural complexion is normalized. Blood circulation and lymph flow increase, edemata and under-eye circles are eliminated, facial contours are modeled. Skin receives nutrition, recovery and strengthening from within.

Injectable techniques of face and body skin correction:

PRP plasmolifting or Autologous Cellular Rejuvenation from RegenLab laboratory (Switzerland) is an innovation Swiss rejuvenation and lifting technology for face and body skin by means of the autoplasma enriched with viable platelets, and the autogel produced in the presence of the patient from his/her own blood.

The natural process of rejuvenation becomes more active, blood circulation improves, metabolism passes into the youth mode, aging processes are suspended.

Contour correction is the injectable technique of elimination of wrinkles and correction of face contours based on the filling of subcutaneous cavities with special preparations (fillers).

Face defects and irregularities are corrected, wrinkles and folds are smoothed, pigmentation disappears, lip lines and facial contour become clearer.

Skin biorevitalization is an injectable method of face and body care based on introduction of preparations based on hyaluronic acid subcutaneously. Hinders to skin aging.

Rejuvenation and prevention of age changes. Surface wrinkles on face, neck and in decollete area are smoothed. Lost resilience and elasticity are returned to skin, acne and post-acne are eliminated.

Mesotherapy is a technique of rejuvenation of face and body skin, correction of cosmetic shortcomings. Based on introduction of special medicinal preparations directly in problem zones, allows to create a maximum concentration of the substance in the right place, locally, in the absence of any general influence on the organism.

Injections of vitamins and antioxidants stimulate metabolic activity of the production of collagen and elastin, prevent forming wrinkles, remove pigmentation.
To get rid of such low-aesthetic phenomenon as the double chin, men are offered to take a special course of mesotherapy.

Hardware techniques of face and body rejuvenation and correction:

Procedures of face and body rejuvenation with the X-Lite Biopotential device – REGENERATION–REJUVENATION System (Germany)

The X-Lite Biopotential system uses a combination of effective technologies, such as radio-frequency energy, microvibration, light energy of a few types and special spectra. The used spectra and optimal peaks of light waves are of great importance because they stimulate the own biopotential of the skin.

Unprecedented lifting and rejuvenating effect.

When working with the face – expressed skin tightening in the area of cheekbones and cheeks (non-invasive lifting), reduction of nasolabial folds and deep mimic wrinkles around a mouth, forming of a clear face contour and considerable reduction of sagging (double chin, jowls, etc.).

When working with the skin around eyes, wrinkles and crow’s feet at eyes are removed, there is lifting of the upper and lower lids, baggies lower eyelids and upper eyelid overhang are considerably decreased.

Photorejuvenation – a modern technique to recover the youth of skin and to support it in the healthy state, which is based on the use of the energy of photoinfluence.

The procedure is not traumatic, is painless, has no rehabilitation period, and it is especially recommended for the men who cannot to be out of the pace of life for a long time.

Rejuvenation of face and neck skin with Cosmetic System Saphira IPL/SHR e-motion (Germany).

It allows to refresh skin and remove defects without breaching its surface, to smooth even the deepest wrinkles.

Skin resurfacing. Skin is tightened, small wrinkles are smoothed, the relief is leveled, the skin texture improves, pores are reduced, dryness decreases, the feeling of tightness disappears, pigment spots and vascular formations become imperceptible.

Oxygen Theraph with OxyGet (Italy) is the oxygen mesotherapy for skin rejuvenation and wrinkle correction.

The procedure will supply skin with necessary vitamins, minerals and, above all, hyaluronic acid that prevents skin aging.

Instant moistening and regeneration of skin, normalization of water-lipid balance. If skin cells are saturated with oxygen, metabolism improves, recovery processes are accelerated, skin has healthy appearance.

Figure modeling, lipolysis, lifting with Body Shape RF (Germany) – it is the state-of-the-art, effective and optimum system of methods of the surgery-substitute painless elimination of fatty deposits, treatment of cellulite, figure correction, body skin rejuvenation and lifting.

Improvement of blood microcirculation, nutrition and exchange processes in tissues. Stimulation of lipolysis and recovery of hypertrophied lipoblasts. Synthesis of new collagen, instant lifting.

Figure correction with Cryo-X/RF (Germany) – the state-of-the-art technology that combines the controlled use of low temperatures as well as the radio-frequency (RF) current to influence on fatty deposits.

Reduction of up to of 20-40% of fat cells for one procedure in a zone of influence. Elimination of cellulite, activation of exchange processes, removal of toxins from the organism. Improvement of skin appearance, figure modeling, weight loss.

Removal of unwanted hair.

Photo epilation with Cosmetic System Saphira IPL/SHR e-motion (Germany).

IPL/SHR (Super Hair Removal) e-motion is a depilation technology that allows to get rid of unwanted hair on any face or body section. IPL/SHR is the unique clinically proved epilation method, being painless. The unique heating method and the method of delivery of energy effectively destroy a hair follicle and prevents its repeated growth, surrounding tissues remaining undamaged.

The IPL/SHR epilation operates have an effect only on the follicles that are in the growth stage.
The first influence allows to destroy of up to 80% of the structures. To remove all the hair, it is necessary to carry out 6-8 IPL/SHR epilation procedures for several months. Only then all the hair follicles will be destroyed and skin will be ideally smooth.

Classical body care:

Cosmetology back cleansing (ultrasonic and mechanical) – deep cleansing of back skin, removal of comedones, sebaceous glands, superficial horn cells.

The natural skin color is recovered, the cleaned pores shrinks, blood supply of skin improves, comedones disappear, the relief is leveled, metabolism becomes more active, angenesis is accelerated. The ultrasound stimulates oxidation-reduction processes, promotes the accelerated regeneration and recovery of skin cells in deep layers.

Massages – a course of the professional massage and original massage techniques will relieve accumulated stress, will allow to feel vigorous again, increase ability to work and viability.

SPA cares – specially developed programs of body care for men with the use of professional cosmetics Phytomer (France), Cholley (Switzerland). These are full-fledged body care procedures allowing to recover the normal state of skin, do it younger and more attractive.

Hair care:

PRP treatment of hair loss for RegenLab laboratory (Switzerland)

PRP treatment of hair loss is based on the use of growth factors of the activated platelets: the method of autologous regeneration and regeneration of hair follicles by means of the plasma enriched with platelets.

Mesotherapy – fight against hair loss.

The technique is used on the hairy part of the head to strengthen hair, preventing their loss and

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