PRP – Plasma therapy RegenLab® hair loss treatment is based on the use of growth factors of activated platelets: the method of autologous regeneration / restoration of hair follicles using platelet-enriched human plasma.

PRP – Plasma therapy by RegenLab® (Switzerland) for the treatment of alopecia is a new method of hair loss treatment in men and women, since the regenerative properties of growth factors of blood platelets are used. It is effective both as the hair loss treatment and after hair transplantation as an additional therapy to enhance its effect.

PRP – Plasma therapy RegenLab® helps the regeneration and activation of hair follicles by forcing the organism to react intensively but quite naturally in the hypofunction as it supplies the hair loss area with the activated cells that are responsible for the regeneration process.

What is PRP RegenLab®?


PRP – Plasma therapy RegenLab® is an abbreviation meaning the Platelet Rich Plasma enriched with platelets, which means the plasma enriched with platelets. That is the specially processed blood plasma enriched with platelets. Platelets are cellular blood components that participate in the blood coagulation process and contain, in addition to other components, the growth factors and cytokines that regulate the tissue and cell healing and renewal.

What is the role of the growth factors in hair loss treatment?

Plasma takes 55% of the blood and contains red and white blood cells, platelets, proteins, various nutrients, vitamins, electrolytes and other components and promotes their movement in the circulatory system of the body. Two components of other components of the plasma enriched with platelets, which are of interest in relation to PRP RegenLab® are cytokines (growth (development), differentiation and immune response proteins) and growth factors.

The growth factors are specific proteins released from various cells of our body (for example, platelets) and help to recover tissue problems or damages by developing the regenerative and recovering properties.
It is achieved by:

  • Reactivation of inert stem progenitor cells in the area of tissue repair;
  • Activation of cell proliferation in this area;
  • Increasing cellular metabolism;
  • Diversification, that is transformation of cells into other types of cells; in this case stem progenitor cells into hair follicle cells.

As platelets contain growth factors, the PRP RegenLab® therapy by increasing the concentration of the growth factors, activates more adult stem cells that direct the renewal of the target area, and as a result the self-healing of damages is achieved within a shorter time period and with larger effect.

The reactivation of damaged hair follicles is reached especially in the field of hair loss, and as a result they are ready not only to give new hair but also to strengthen the existing hair, to increase their diameter and length.

In which cases the PRP RegenLab® loss hair treatment is applied?

The PRP RegenLab® treatment is applied for men and women in cases of the initial or advanced stage of thinning hair to

  • Treat androgenic alopecia and female pattern of androgenic alopecia;
  • Strengthen the hair transplant effect;
  • Treat alopecia areata;
  • Treat hair loss with various aetiology;
  • Prevent hair loss.

Are there contraindications to PRP RegenLab® treatment?

Contraindications are very little, and they are generally connected with uncontrolled diabetes mellitus or intake of anticoagulants, but the treatment can surely be only after consultation with a doctor and after careful consideration of the detailed history of hair loss (baldness) development.

Which consequences are there in connection with the PRP RegenLab® hair loss treatment?

Results of the use of the PRP RegenLab® treatment for hair loss are satisfactory and impressive (taking into account that they mainly depend on the body, the degree and type of hair loss) and mainly concern the quality and quantity of hair as the hair loss stops and we can do the result permanent.

When paying for a course of 3 procedures of PRP RegenLab® -15%.

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PRP – Plasma theraphy Hair loss treatment, REGENLAB® (SWITZERLAND)

PRP - Plasma theraphy to recovery hair growth – Regen ACR Classic (1 tube) 6 ml.
290.00 €
PRP – Plasma theraphy with hyaluronic acid Cellural Matrix (1 tube) 6 ml.
350.00 €
PRP Plasma theraphy for to recovery hair growth Regen ACR Extra (2 tubes) 12ml.
370.00 €

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