Oxygen Theraph with OxyGet device (Italy) – is oxygen mesotherapy for skin rejuvenation and wrinkle correction.

This procedure will provide your skin with essential vitamins, minerals and important Hyaluronic acid, which prevents skin aging.

Oxygen therapy (biooxytherapy) is a rather new trend in cosmetology. It is also known as “oxygen mesotherapy” and “needleless mesotherapy.” It is a perfect method allowing to accelerate the introduction of active preparations to the deepest layers of epidermis by increasing the oxygen partial pressure.

The procedure principle is based on the fact that epidermis cells (of the surface layer of skin) receive oxygen not with blood but directly from air. The air contains 16-20% of oxygen. If to increase the oxygen concentration (up to 98%) and pressure, the oxygen exchange rate in epidermis cells will also increase. It leads to changes in characteristics of the cellular membrane, and as a result its permeability increases and the absorption of active agents of cosmetics, which nourish and enrich skin also for a long time after the procedure, increases.
In addition, after oxygenation, the metabolism is normalized, regeneration processes are accelerated, the healthy appearance of skin is recovered.

The hardware procedure of the face deep moisturizing with Oxygen Theaphy™ is directed to instant skin moistening and recovery.
It perfectly suits for sensitive and allergy-prone skin, has no contraindications and age limits. The complex of face deep moisturizing procedures with Oxygen Theraphy™ substantially slows down ageing processes, normalizes the water-lipid balance.
Improves the lymph and blood circulation.

Essence of the Oxygen Theraphy™ oxygen therapy method:

  • epidermis cells (surface layer of skin) obtain oxygen directly from air;
  • characteristics of the cellular membrane change;
  • permeability of the corneal layer of skin increases;
  • absorption of active cosmetics, which nourish and moisten skin still for a long time also after the end of the oxygen therapy procedure, increases.

Important: during the oxygenation, the metabolism is normalized, regeneration processes are accelerated, the healthy appearance of skin is recovered.

We use three types of hyaluronic acid in the therapy:

  • low-molecular hyaluronic acid that has an anti-inflammatory effect;
  • medium-molecular hyaluronic acid that have properties suppressing cell migration and growth;
  • high-molecular hyaluronic acid that stimulates cellular processes in dermal structures and characterized by the ability to retain a huge number of water molecules;

Advantages of the Oxygen Theraphy™ oxygen therapy:

  • receipt of the net oxygen concentration of up to 98% thanks to the system of molecular filters;
  • oxygen pressure adjustment during oxygen therapy procedures;
  • automatic oxygen supply in constant and pulse modes;
  • specially developed and approved protocols and methods for the procedures.

Indications for use of the Oxygen Theraphy procedure:

  • correction of mimic wrinkles;
  • acne prevention and treatment;
  • treatment of hyperpigmentation, photoageing, edemata and dark circles under eyes;
  • moistening and rejuvenation of the dry and ageing skin;
  • suitable for all age groups;
  • applied to care of all types of skin – normal, greasy, mature, dry, ‘stress,’ ‘tired.’

Advantages of the Oxygen Theraphy procedures:

  • absence of skin damage and pain;
  • extraordinary comfort of oxygen therapy procedures;
  • absence of contraindications, complications and side effects;
  • procedure give quick and stable results;

To achieve the maximum effect, the used cosmetics must be hypoallergenic, low-molecular and in the form of liquid concentrates.

Results of the oxygen therapy:

  • Thanks to the oxygen therapy, the effect of any cosmetic procedures increases many times. The results are achieved much quicker and remain 2-3 times longer than in case of classical methods.
  • Skin deep moisturizing and resurfacing procedures eliminate skin laxity and dryness, refresh and tone up it;
  • Injection-free filling procedures for wrinkles smooth large wrinkles and eliminate small wrinkles;
  • Therapy procedures for ‘stress’ and ‘tired’ skin effectively treat edemata and dark circles under eyes, increase elasticity of skin and return young healthy complexion;
  • Care procedures for sensitive skin eliminate irritation and itch, peeling, recover protective ability of skin;
  • Also, the oxygen therapy procedures give excellent results in treatment of problem skin, acne, and hyperpigmentation;

Cosmetologist’s recommendations:

  • Duration of one procedure: from 1 to 1 hour 30 minutes;
  • Course consists of 8 to 10 procedures;
  • During the course of treatment, it is recommended to perform the procedures 2-3 times a week on average;
  • The oxygen therapy is ideal supportive care after any course of hardware cosmetology;
  • As a supportive method, it is recommended to perform the biooxytherapy procedures once in 1-2 weeks;
  • During the oxygen therapy course, it is necessary to correctly choose cosmetics; the home care cosmetics should be from the same cosmetic line.

When carrying out the procedures directed to treatment of photoageing and hyperpigmentation, visiting a solarium is contraindicated.



OXY Therapy
100.00 €

Complete sets of face procedures with Oxy Get

Oxy Theraphy + Pressure therapy
80 min.
130.00 €

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