INNO-PEEL Lactobio C is an innovative drug for the recovering peeling with lactocomplex and vitamin C, which effectively solves problems of premature skin aging and photoaging.

INNO-PEEL Lactobio C was developed for exfoliation, the basis of which is retinol in various concentrations combined with alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA acids) and other active components to solve a wide range of aesthetic problems.

INNO-PEEL Lactobio C is suitable for all-type skin as well as young skin to prevent signs of skin withering without its excessive stimulation.

Indications for Peeling with INNO – PEEL Lactobio C:

  • premature aging;
  • photoaging;
  • decrease in tonus;
  • uneven pigmentation;
  • post-acne, acne;
  • reduction of intensity of skin expansions;
  • regeneration of elastin fibers;
  • normalization of activity of sebaceous glands;


  • stimulation of synthesis of collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans;
  • recovery of skin structure and microrelief;
  • smoothing skin irregularity;
  • collagen synthesis suppression;
  • changing the state of skin expansions and scars;
  • leveling skin color;
  • narrowing pores;
  • decrease in secretion of sebaceous glands;


Innoaesthetic peeling

INNOA Bio C Peel
90.00 €

AppointmentPeeling with INNO-EXFO Lactobio C/Bio C, INNOAESTHETICS (Spain)