Hand photorejuvenation is an up-to-date, effective method to fight against the skin aging and the elimination of pigment spots. Pigment spots are eliminated during a phototherapy treatment course by means of Cosmetic System Saphira IPL/SHR e-motion (Germany).

Under the influence of the light, in skin molecules there is a transformation of light energy into thermal energy, which leads to the destruction of pigmental formations. The procedure stimulates skin fibroblasts to develop the own collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. And what is very important, the internal reserves of the skin are used, which means it is a prolonged procedure.

The procedure allows correcting aesthetic shortcomings of the skin without damaging surrounding tissues and without rehabilitation.

Indications to the photorejuvenation procedure:

  • age-related changes on hands;
  • photoageing;
  • pigment spots.

Result after the procedure photorejuvenation:

  • destruction of pigmental formations
  • increases in skin tone (elasticity, elasticity, moisture content)
  • smoothing of small wrinkles;
  • prevention of signs of aging

Contraindications to the photorejuvenation procedure:

  • intake of photosensitizing preparations
  • photodermatoses and other skin diseases in the exacerbation phase

Recommended course of treatment:

The treatment consists of procedures, includes 4 to 6 procedures once 3 weeks. The course of treatment is prescribed by a doctor after survey and consultation.

  • epilepsy;
  • pregnancy;

After the procedure

After the procedure, the patient should temporarily refuse visiting baths, sauna, solarium, paraffinotherapy procedures. Use a sunblock cream.


Photorejuvenation of a hand

Photorejuvenation of hand area
40 min.
80 €
Photorejuvenation of a hand along the full length
60 min.
210 €

AppointmentPhotorejuvenation. Fight against pigment spots on hand skin