The skin diagnosis apparatus of the SOFT PLUS VIDEO is a computerized multifunction system to evaluate the state of skin health and parameters in cosmetology, dermatology

The apparatus is intended for the individual selection of programs to eliminate cosmetic skin defects and the reasonable selection of cosmetics.

The diagnosis results are presented in a visual digital or graphic form with the indication of reference limits.

Soft Plus makes it possible to evaluate most functional parameters of skin, such as its moisture, fat content, acid acid-alkaline balance pH, elasticity of skin, phototype, melanin content, pore size, 3D relief, stage and form of cellulite and many other things.

Only the Soft Plus apparatus is equipped with a built-in computer and reliably interprets the skin test results: it automatically prepares personal recommendations for care of it, protection against UV radiation, recommends preventive and medical programs and preparations.
Another important issue: the objective diagnosis of skin parameters shows how effective the recommended procedures and preparations are.


  • scientifically substantiated and objective measurement of functional and morphological indicators of skin with sensitive and precise sensors;
  • quantitative evaluation of data of video dermoscopy (micro-camera);
  • the apparatus helps with the interpretation of skin diagnosis data and develops recommendations relating to cosmetology procedures and cosmetics;
  • it is the only diagnostic system with an integrated full-fledged computer;
  • Soft Plus can evaluate all functional parameters of skin.



  • skin moisture measurement;
  • measurement of fat content in skin;
  • pH skin measurement;
  • skin elasticity measurement;
  • melanin content measurement;
  • determination of phototype of the patient’s skin, calculation of insolation time;
  • temperature measurement in various skin areas;
  • cellulite diagnosis;
  • the micro video camera with visualization options, evaluation of skin reliefs and development of 3D models.

Distinctive features of Soft Plus

  • noninvasiveness;
  • multifunctionality;
  • short time of measurement – complete diagnosis for 10-15 min;
  • it is the only apparatus that interprets measurement results and develops recommendations for procedures and cosmetic products.


SOFT PLUS VIDEO (Callegari, Italy)

Consultation by a doctor-dermatologist with hardware diagnostics SOFT PLUS VIDEO (Callegari, Italy)
60 min.
40.00 €
If the patient orders any procedures at the day of his/her arrival, the primary consultation by the doctor-dermatologist with SOFT PLUS VIDEO (Callegari, Italy) costs
60 min.
25.00 €

AppointmentSOFT PLUS VIDEO (Callegari, Italy)