Men’s pedicure is not just excessive luxury but a need. It includes prevention of fungus diseases, nail deformation.

Well-groomed and healthy legs are one of the signs of man’s health.
Contrary to the prevailing opinion, pedicure is not only the shaping of nails. It is the whole system to care for soles and feet. Except other, this system also includes care of skin.

Men’s feet need care, perhaps, not less than female’s ones as the most men forget about this care, and as a result many of them suffer from such carelessness.

Ingrown nails or fungus are only a few consequences of the lack of care of feet.
Pedicure, if to do it regularly, can prevent all these problems and will improve blood circulation.

It has to be said that it is necessary for many men over thirty years old as the aging of an organism always begins with feet.

Moreover, it is strongly recommended for the people who wear uniform or street footwear by the nature of their profession for a considerable part of time. In addition, on soles there are a large number of power points, influencing which it is possible to improve certain functions of some internals.


Men pedicure

Hardware pedicure for men
60 min.
30.00 €

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