Zirconium (91,2 а.m.u.) present in biological systems in quite high concentration for micronutrient, but no biological function is discovered. Zirconium could be intaken through lungs or gastro-intestinal tract. After absorption it is being captured by soft tissues and then, more slowly, also by bone tissue.

Industrial sources of zirconium exposition – ore processing and alloy manufacturing, used for production of nuclear reactors construction, bodies of rockets and planes, fire-resistant constructions, reflecting surfaces, piezo-ceramics, metal-ceramics, oscillating tubes and corrosion-proof materials for chemical machinery. Zirconium sulphate is used as a tanning material in leather industry. Zirconium is biologically inert and used in medicine as a component of dental ceramics and materials of orthopaedic restoration.

Potential zirconium toxicity – from low to moderate. Inhalation of industrial dust, containing zirconium could cause increased risk of development of lungs diseases (granulation growth). Long contact of zirconium with skin could cause papules in some cases. Interest to the researches about zirconium is reasoned by spreading spectre of use thereof.