Today, sensitive skin has become a common phenomenon.

Recent studies have shown that a large number of people from time to time experience symptoms such as redness, tightness of the skin and a general feeling of discomfort.

Obvious manifestations of sensitive skin are rosacea, active irritations and atopic dermatitis.

Excessive sensitivity of the skin is a consequence of a violation of its natural protective barrier, a “shield” from aggressive external factors or stressful internal ones.

Violation of the integrity of the barrier leads to the fact that microbes, harmful substances and allergens become easier to penetrate the skin, causing irritation.

In addition, recent studies have shown that when we are stressed, our skin receives signals from the body and becomes highly sensitive and takes longer to recover.

Innovation in cosmetics is the use of ingredients that protect the skin microflora in order to restore its holistic barrier.

The Remedy line for sensitive skin uses a natural prebiotic to promote skin health and additional protection.

Modern technologies allow you to ferment prebiotics and integrate them into the compositions of tonics, serums, creams and other care products.