Price: 92.00€

Correcting serum for intensive fight against pigmentation
B-White peptides with clarifying action, Chromobright, Lactic acid, Vitamin C, Glycyrrhiza, Niacinamide


Intensively skin-lightening light emulsion on the basis of peptides, innovative Chromabright component, vitamins and plant extracts, for fight against pigmentation of various genesis: chloasma gravidarum, age and liver spots, spots from scars and pimples, pigment spots caused by taking medicines and negative impact of the environment.


  • Quickly and safely, without irritation, reddening and negative reactions for the skin, clarifies pigment spots and freckles – by 72% for 60 days (its effectiveness exceeds Hydrochinone)
  • Lactic acid softly peels, increases speed of skin cell renewal and hinders appearance of pigmentation
  • B-WHITE peptide effectively clarifies and suppresses development of unwanted pigment.
  • Powerful innovative skin-lightening Chromabright component having photoprotective action and protects skin cells, prolonging their life by 190%.
  • Green tea and Resveratrol suppress action of free radicals, prevent damaging DNA and collagen, which are caused by UF radiation.
  • Vitamin K, strengthens vessels and reduces congestive effect in them.


For any type of skin.
It is especially recommended for the age, sensitive, pigmented skin, skin with post-acne and photodamage.
It can be used to prevent appearance of pigmentation among pregnant women.

To obtain more expressed skin-lightening result, use it together with Polish & Plump Peel (2 Step) 2 or 3 times a week.