Package: 3 sheet masks, 25 g each

Type of skin: for all skin types.


Mask provides long-lasting hydration and immediate soothing and rejuvenation effect. Removes inflammable and hyperaemia after laser, photo and RF procedures, regenerates damaged skin barrier abilities with help of EGF complex.

Mask regenerates microrelief, natural skin barrier and “repair” the skin from ageing signs.


  • powerful rejuvenation effect;
  • neutralizes irritation of skin surface after radical procedures on the sensitive facial skin;
  • improves natural cellular protective barrier;
  • provides long-lasting and deep hydration;
  • prevents excessive loss of moisture, causing dryness, burning pain, skin redness and sloughing;
  • enriches cells with microelements, responsible for the elasticity and healthy colouration;
  • fills small wrinkles, regeneration skin microrelief.

Active components:

Mask contains a chain of natural essences and coenzymes, combined to achieve the best results.

  • EGF Complex (EGF complex – epidermal growth factor) – polypeptide, stimulating growth of epidermis cells. Stimulating tissue regeneration processes, immune processes collagenation and elastin synthesis in the skin.
  • CMS Material (Cell Membrane Structure) – structure identical to cellular membrane. Using such ingredients like: phosphatidyl serine, hydrogenated lecithin, squalene, ceramide-3, stearic acid and shea butter, a structure is being created to complete or regenerate damaged skin lipid barrier.
  • Biomimetic fluid – complex of mineral water and amino acids, increasing regenerating and moisturizing abilities of your skin.
  • Sodium Hyaluronate – synthetic analogue of hyaluronic acid. Creates invisible barrier on the skin, preventing the evaporation of moisture, improves skin structure, increases epidermis regeneration, removes small wrinkles, making your skin soft and smooth.
  • Shea butter – has softening, rejuvenation and tonic effect, nourishes and moisturizes your skin, improving collagenation, providing elasticity and smoothness to your skin.
  • Fermented beans essence – increases unwrinkling and deeply hydrates the skin, being a source of isoflavones – elements, protecting the skin from hormonal ageing.
  • Fermented soy – Natural collagen activator. Hydrates the skin, preventing premature ageing and appearance of wrinkles. Evens up, strengthens and nourishes the skin, providing tightening effect.
  • Jojoba lipids – stimulating skin cells regeneration process, keeps moisture, preventing dehydration of the skin, provides rejuvenation and anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Chinese-pepper essence – anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, relaxing effect, soothes and hydrates your skin, removes irritation and itching.
  • Korean pasque flowers essence – soothing, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect.
  • Usnea essence – antibacterial product with wide range of application, provides visible anti-inflammatory effect and protects from uv-rays.
  • Citrus acid – many vitamins and microelements, necessary for your skin, strengthens vessels, evens up colouration, provides whitening, antiseptic and antibacterial effect.
  • Milk fats – soothes and regenerates your skin, making it more elastic, prevents loss of moisture, protects from the effect of external factors.
  • Lactobacillus enzyme – provide antibacterial effect, supports skin protective functions.
  • Folic acid – antioxidant, antibacterial and rejuvenating effect, improves the intercellular metabolism, normalizes the activity of sebaceous glands, protects from UV-rays.
  • Phosphatidyl serine – one of photo-lipids of soy, component of plasmatic membrane internal layer.
  • Acetyl glutamine provides hydration for the skin, whitening effect, increases fibroblast synthesis.
  • Lecithin – provides significant effect on regeneration of skin barrier functions, on cell nourishing processes, quickly absorbed by the skin and providing nourishing, soothing and tonic effect. Due to the visible surface-active features provides deeper infiltration of fatty substances into the epidermis. Provides antioxidant effect. Increases elaboration of new and regeneration of damaged skin cells, increase of its protective functions.
  • Squalene – is also a natural chemical, soothes and hydrates the skin, provides anti-inflammable and rejuvenating effect, stimulates cellular growth, provides deep infiltration of vitamins and microelements into the skin.
  • Adenosine – nucleoside, improves collagenation. Improves skin elasticity.
  • Theanine – amino acid providing moisturizing and tonic effect for the skin, prevents the destruction of collagen tissues. – –
  • Ceramides III – recovers skin barrier, decreases skin sensitiveness against hazardous treatment of aggressive environmental factors, increases elasticity and tightness of the skin, minimizing transepidermal loss of moisture, preventing premature ageing.

Directions of use:

After cleansing and toning, apply the mask to your face.

Exposition time – 10-20 minutes. Then, remove the mask and absorb the remaining by easy tapping motions. To achieve best results, it is recommended to store the mask inside the refrigerator.


Skin becomes soother, fresher and visibly tighter.

Note: it is better to store the mask inside the fridge under temperatures of 10°С and below