Lifting serum with innovative anti-aging Hexapeptide, Achillea Millefolium extract and hyaluronic acid fights cellular aging, gradually and noticeably correcting wrinkles and facial lines.

  • It has the effect of a natural filler: smoothes and strengthens the skin.
  • It counteracts cellular aging and protects the skin structure.
  • A lightweight formula enriched with innovative anti-aging Hexapeptide, Achillea Millefolium extract and Hyaluronic acid.
  • Reusable packaging with a replaceable unit (it is recommended to replace the packaging itself after 1 year of use).
  • Enhances the firming and tightening effect of Sublime Skin anti-aging creams, activates Arch-lift ™ technology.
  • Ideal for mature skin 35+.


25% depth of wrinkles*

Smoother skin texture**

*independent laboratory, instrumental evaluation, 40 women, 28 days of use.

**smoothness and texture: independent laboratory, clinical evaluation, 40 women, 28 days
usage. strengthening: independent laboratory, instrumental evaluation, 20 women, 28
days of using Serum + Cream fluid or Serum + Lifting Cream.


For skin with fine lines and deep wrinkles, sagging skin, lack of elasticity and firmness. For any climate


ACETYLHEXAPEPTIDE-8 is a multifunctional ingredient that directly resists cell aging and provides a botox-like effect. It acts on SASPs, inflammatory mediators secreted by aging cells that affect neighboring cells in all layers of the skin, contributing to global aging. It reduces facial wrinkles, making the skin fresher and younger.

MACROGIALURONIC ACID provides immediate moisturizing and smoothing effect.

ACHILLEA MILLEFOLIUM from the Davines Scientific Garden, extracted by an ecological method using high-pressure water. The name comes from the Greek mythological character Achilles, who used this plant to heal his wounds. Rich in chlorogenic acid, it has been clinically proven to increase collagen synthesis and reduce collagenase levels.