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Hand Care Methods

Hand skin aging is one of the early symptoms of the general aging of the organism. It is connected with particularities of the structure of the skin and the anatomy of the back of hands as well as high mechanical loads on hands, influence of negative environmental factors (household chemicals, UV radiation, seasonal temperature variation).
The skin of the back of hands is rather thin and has a small number of sebaceous glands.
With the increase of years, the thinning, dehydration, elasticity loss occur. The skin becomes flabby and wrinkled.
At the expense of the formation of keratosis and microcirculatory disorders, the skin becomes yellowish-grayish.
Hand care methods:

Contour correction. Volume modeling of the back of hands by preparations based on the stabilized Teosyal hyaluronic acid by TEOXANE Laboratory (Switzerland)
Photorejuvenation. Fight against pigment spots on hand skin
Biorevitalization is deep moistening and improvement of the quality of hand skin

Intimate Rejuvenation

A non-surgical and non-traumatic method for correcting the vaginal area.


Massage is a load, after which the body should feel relief.
Massage is a method of treatment based on a mechanical pre-dosed effect on the human body using special techniques. It is given with hands and/or special tools.
Massage is used in various areas of clinical medicine, in the system of medical rehabilitation, in cosmetology, sports medicine.