Treatment of the scalp with gas-liquid peeling gives amazing results in the complex treatment of hair loss and restoration of hair growth. The poor environmental situation, life in the city, washing with various types of shampoos containing silicones and parabens affects the health of the hair.

Gradually, dead cells and oily particles accumulate on the scalp, clogging the sweat glands on the surface of the skin. The hair begins to grow worse and fall out more and more, the head becomes dirty almost immediately after washing. Gas-liquid peeling of the scalp helps to solve all these problems. It nourishes the skin, improves microcirculation, and also has a therapeutic and rejuvenating effect, and cleanses the pores of the scalp and hair roots.

About the treatment

Gas-liquid scalp peeling is a delicate, non-contact apparatus treatment that uses a stream of compressed air and serum to effectively cleanse, nourish and oxygenate the scalp. As a result, skin cell renewal is stimulated, which further stimulates hair growth and reduces hair loss.

How the treatment of gas-liquid scalp peeling is carried out

A high-pressure air flow is applied to the scalp together with a hyaluronic acid-based nourishing solution, providing mechanical and thermal action.The pressurised liquid particles are abrasive and mechanically exfoliate keratinised scalp cells.

Also, a serum with active ingredients for strengthening and stimulating hair growth with Redensil, Capixil and Pomegranate is applied to the scalp under pressure, which, thanks to this peeling, penetrates deep into the skin.

Features of the treatment

The main function of gas-liquid peeling is to remove the keratinised layer of cells, improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, as well as stimulation of cellular metabolism.

As a result, the nutrition of the scalp is restored, useful substances, vitamins, microelements are delivered, and the cells are saturated with oxygen, thus triggering a whole cascade of therapeutic and restorative reactions and preventing aging of the area.

During the treatment there is not only cleansing and nourishment of the scalp, but also a multi-level toning massage, which has a positive effect on the condition of the hair and skin.

Gas-liquid scalp peeling indications

  • Slow hair growth and hair loss.
  • Partial alopecia (hair growth serum is used during the treatment).
  • Scalp cleansing (peeling).
  • Scalp treatments (acne, blackheads, inflammation, itching, dehydration, irritation, etc.).
  • Excessive sebum production.
  • Dry and oily dandruff.
  • Prevention and treatment of hair loss.
  • Improving the condition of the hair.
  • To prevent hair aging.
  • In periods of stress, after dieting, or during the change of seasons.
  • Professional hair care.

Effect of gas-liquid scalp peeling

  • The effect of gas-liquid peeling of the head.
  • Stimulation of hair growth, due to the activation of hair follicles.
  • Prevention of premature hair loss.
  • Activation of blood supply to the scalp.
  • Gently exfoliate the scales.
  • Balances the work of the sebaceous glands.
  • Soothes and moisturizes the scalp.
  • Massage and toning effect that has a beneficial effect on the scalp.
  • After hair coloring, it eliminates dryness, itching, and discomfort of the scalp.
  • The hair becomes shiny, smooth, and more elastic.

Advantages of gas-liquid head peeling

  • Contactless processing using the nozzle of the gas-liquid apparatus.
  • Easily copes with dirt, and eliminates greasiness of the scalp.
  • Massages the scalp well.
  • Nourishes hair follicles, and increases blood flow, thereby stimulating hair growth.
  • Safe, does not provoke allergies.

Applications of gas-liquid peeling

This method can be used not only for gas-liquid peeling of the head, but also for other parts of the body.

  • Beard care for men
  • Body Skincare
  • Facial Skincare

You can find out more about the gas-liquid facial peel procedure here by clicking on the link....

Contraindications of gas-liquid head peeling

  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • Oncology.
  • Open wounds, scratches in the head area.
  • SARS (acute respiratory viral infection), infectious diseases.
  • Chronic dermatological diseases in the acute stage (herpes, psoriasis, eczema, acne, rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis).
  • Pinched nerves and any neurological disorders.
  • Increased body temperature.
  • Cold allergy.
  • Deviations in the psyche and behavior (psychopathy).
  • Epilepsy.
  • Multiple telangiectasia in the area of exposure (couperosis, reticular varicosis).
  • Tendency to form or the presence of keloid scars.
  • Somatic diseases in the decompensation stage (heart disease, circulatory disorders in the vessels of the brain, hypertension, peptic ulcer, hepatitis, pancreatitis, nephritis, bronchial asthma, etc.).

Preparing for a gas-liquid scalp peeling treatment

Before the treatment it is recommended to wash your head at home using a gentle shampoo.

Care after the treatment of gas-liquid peeling of the head

After the treatment it is forbidden to make masks, use balms, lotions and other cosmetic products that have a strong impact on the scalp. Within two days after peeling is not recommended to visit the bath, sauna and solarium.

Course of treatments of gas-liquid peeling of the head

The course of treatments is selected individually depending on the problem.

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