What is the use of Feminity DNA test?

  • It will help you to learn the features of the female reproductive system
  • To reduce risks in preparation for pregnancy
  • To raise the effectiveness of IVF conduction
  • To find hormonal replacement therapy
  • To form the treatment and prevention individual plan of female diseases

Who is this test for?

Feminity is suitable for women:

  • Who are planning pregnancy
  • Who faced with problems in conceiving a child
  • At the stage of selecting the optimal contraception and hormonal therapy
  • Who are interested in the prevention of hormone-dependent diseases
  • Who are in the menopausal period and engaged in the prevention of aging-associated diseases

On the results of the Feminity test, you will recognize the genetic traits:

  • The risk of estrogen-dependent diseases development
  • The probability of miscarriage
  • How to raise effectiveness of assisted reproductive technologies
  • The necessity for the prevention of breast cancer and endometrium neoplasms
  • The necessity for the increased dosis of folates
  • The risk of thrombotic complications development during pregnancy
  • The necessity to prevent osteoporosis and other aging-associated diseases
  • The type of diet for women’s health support

Feminity DNA Report consists of 60 pages and contains sections

  • The metabolism of female reproductive hormones

The detection of individual characteristics of estrogen metabolism and the determination of the predisposition to the development of estrogen-dependent diseases

  • Complications in pregnancy

The determination of the cytotoxic reactions development risk during pregnancy and predisposition to venosus thromboembolism

  • Ovarian stimulation

The detection of individual characteristics of the response to ovarian stimulation to optimize the conduction of assisted reproductive technologies

  • Hyperandrogenism

The detection of individual characteristics of sensitivity to androgens and its metabolism and the determination of predisposition to the hyperandrogenism development

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