Consultation by the cosmetologist and examination of the patient are important stages as at this particular time a decision is taken regarding the work with the patient, a program to correct aesthetic shortcomings is developed

The cosmetologist’s main task during the primary consultation is to hear the patient and explain possibilities of the aesthetic medicine in each case.

Extended consultation by dermatologists, cosmetologists will help to understand modern technologies and select the most effective methods to save natural beauty and rejuvenate, which are comfortable and safe for the organism.

The hardware and injectable cosmetology, peeling and other methods of the aesthetic medicine allow to literally turn the clock back, make the face younger by a few years.

Modern techniques help to correct the face form, get rid of acneiform rash, smooth age changes, eliminate mimic wrinkles.

The type and state of the skin, anatomic lines, sensitivity to drugs and external factors, general health of the organism – all these factors influence effectiveness of the cosmetology procedures. During a detailed interview and careful examination, the professional cosmetologist-dermatologist finds out specific features of the patient’s skin, influence of age changes and other factors on its state.

By results of the extended consultation, the doctor selects a complex of procedures, which will be the safest one and allows to effectively save youth and beauty of appearance.


Consultation of a doctor-dermatologist / cosmetologist

Extended consultation by the doctor
45.00 €
Repeated consultation with a doctor
Repeated consultation is considered a consultation with a doctor, which takes place within 2 months after the previous consultation
35.00 €

If the patient orders any procedures at the day of his/her arrival to the Art of Beauty Clinic, the primary consultation by the doctor-dermatologist, doctor-cosmetologist, cosmetologist will be free of charge (15 min).

AppointmentExtended consultation of a doctor-dermatologist, doctor-cosmetologist