The Art of Beauty medical aesthetic cosmetology center offers lacrimonasal sulcus correction procedures with the Teosyal Redensity ll preparation (based on hyaluronic acid) by TEOXANE Laboratory (Switzerland), which is specially adapted for the injection in lacrimonasal sulci.

This preparation has increased density, small hygroscopicity (therefore, puffiness does not practically occur).

What is the area around the eyes?

The area around the eyes is a very “delicate” zone that begins to show signs of ageing as one of the first. Wrinkles, baggy lower eyelids appear, upper eyelids and lacrimonasal sulci are deformed. Such problems sometimes “live” with people since their birth. Formerly, it was possible to improve this area surgically, now the contour correction for the eyes helps with this problem.

Why are the lacrimonasal sulci formed?

The forming of the lacrimonasal sulci results from gravitational ptosis of soft tissues of the face and the thinning of hypodermic fat layers. Retraction at the inner orbital margin, which is extended and a bucco-malar sulcus is formed over time, is visually seen. All these changes form the feeling of a tired, and sometimes painful face.

What is the contour correction of lacrimonasal sulci?

The essence of the procedure is to slightly raise the skin by means of a filler in the places where there are first so-called “hollows” – in the transition of the lower eyelid into the cheek and at the beginning of the lacrimonasal sulcus, so, having made them even with the cheek surface.

The modern cosmetology tries not to use surgical interventions, but to be limited to the injections with fillers to fill the lacrimonasal sulci and the nearby area with a filler.

In which cases is the correction of lacrimonasal sulci recommended?

As soon as you found lacrimonasal sulci in yourself, you can contact a doctor. An indication in this case is the visual visibility of the hollows near inner corners of the eyes.

How long does the correction procedure with fillers last?

The whole procedure is only performed on the healthy skin, it takes no more than 30 minutes. The patient will see the result immediately after the end of the doctor’s actions.

Will the way of life be changed after the procedure?

You can live as usually immediately after the procedure. The only circumstance is that it is impossible to sunbathe, visit sauna or baths for a few weeks.

What does the patient receive after the correction of lacrimonasal sulci:

  • increase of rejuvenation effect for 6-12 days.
  • smoothing of skin covering relief.
  • lack of a specific hollow and a completely filled line.
  • visual face rejuvenation.
  • removal of dark circles under eyes,

Contraindications to the correction procedure for lacrimonasal sulci:

  • inflammatory processes or skin diseases in the zone of the preparation injection;
  • mental diseases;
  • serious cardiac and vascular diseases;
  • recent use of laser resurfacing, dermabrasion, chemical peelings, etc. (in the place of performance of contour correction);
  • acute stage of any common diseases;
  • serious chronic illnesses (oncology, diabetes mellitus, etc.);
  • coagulation failure;
  • tendency to the forming of cheloid scars;
  • allergy to gel filler components;
  • pregnancy, lactation

The procedure is performed once within 12 – 24 months, depending on individual peculiarities of the patient.

Price for the procedure of lacrimonasal sulcus correction with fillers

Teosyal Redensity 2:

  • Correction of eyes (lacrimonasal sulcus) with Teosyal Redensity ll – EUR 350.00

Price for a weekly package of procedures:

  • Correction of eyes (lacrimonasal sulcus) with Teosyal Redensity 2 + Biorevitalization of the area around eyes with Teosyal Redensity 1 – EUR 450.00
  • RF rejuvenation + Correction of eyes (lacrimonasal sulcus) with Teosyal Redensity 2 + Biorevitalization of the area around eyes with Teosyal Redensity 1 – – 520.00 EUR

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