The result of Art of Beauty complex programs is the restoration of good microcirculation, alignment of the skin relief and increase in skin tone, improvement of body contours.

Correction methods:

The unique BodyShape RF system is the last word in the field of the methods of surgery-substitute painless elimination of fatty deposits, cellulite treatment, figure correction, rejuvenation and body skin lifting.

The simultaneous influence of RF energy, vacuum, infrared light, rotation (automatic rotation of the applicator) influences zones with fatty deposits, activating exchange processes in all layers of skin and subcutaneous fat.

Thanks to the combined effect, Body Shape initiates important processes creating an exclusively good effect at the level of subcutaneous fat and at the level of derma:

  • improvement of blood microcirculation, nutrition, exchange processes;
  • lipolysis stimulation, recovery of hypertrophied lipoblasts;
  • synthesis of new collagen;
  • stimulation of fibroblasts;
  • immediate skin tightening, turgor improvement, reduction of the length and depth of striae;

The combination of the cryolipolysis system and the RF technology does the Cryo-X RF apparatus a unique system among the innovative solutions in the world.

The Cryo-X RF apparatus uses the latest technology that combines the controlled use of low temperatures as well as the radio-frequency (RF) current to influence on fatty deposits.

The principle of cryolipolysis consists in the selective and strictly controlled cooling of fat cells, which stimulates their apoptosis and leads to the gradual reduction of the subcutaneous fat thickness.

The radio-frequency current has heat effect, increases intercellular diffusion by heating, which increases metabolism of the stored energy (lipolysis).

The scope of application of this apparatus is wider than the systems with only cryotechnology have.

Possibilities of the Cryo-X RF apparatus:

  • figure modeling, weight loss;
  • removal of fat in zones with a large amount of fatty deposits;
  • elimination of cellulite;
  • activation of metabolism;
  • elimination of toxins from the organism;
  • improvement of appearance of skin.

The middle layers of the skin are called the mesoderm, so the method of injecting useful substance into this layer is called mesotherapy.

With age, the skin turgor and elasticity decrease, metabolic processes slow down, resulting in rolls of fat on the body, the volume increases and cellulite “grows”.

Mesotherapy for weight loss and solving other problems means multiple injections of mesococtail, consisting of individualized components, to a depth of 1.5 to 3.9 mm of the skin layer.

As a result of local therapy, a rapid effect occurs, which emerges due to regeneration of cells and the destruction of subcutaneous fat deposits.


Mesotherapy for weight loss. To maintain the volume of the body shape, eliminate rolls of fat, prevent the appearance of excess weight. Mesotherapy for weight loss is used in areas where the removal of fat deposits causes certain difficulties – the inner thighs, the lower part of buttocks, the knees, the waist area and “saddlebags.”

Mesotherapy for the treatment of cellulite. To eliminate cellulite in problem areas. Mesotherapy for the treatment of cellulite is an effective technique, since the direct injection of mesococtail affects the improvement of metabolic processes. After all, the cause of cellulite, as we know, is not just retention of excess water, but a violation of metabolic processes between fat tissue and skin cells. Therefore, the use of this type of procedure can not only remove the hated “orange peel”, but also provide lifting, elasticity and youthfulness of the skin.

Method Cholley (Switzerland) is the Swiss professional phytocosmetics of high quality

For anti-cellulite wrapping, the Cellipex, Methode Cholley body line is used, which is designed to reduce body volume, weight loss and cellulite treatment.

The basis of Cellipex line Methode Cholley remedies is deep ocean algae, highly concentrated extracts of plant lipolitics and a special vitamin-mineral complex.

Preparations of this series allow to deal effectively with problems, removing causes of their occurrence, as well as stimulate outflow of lymph, remove surplus liquid, burn fats, and improve microcirculation.

The regular use of the Cellipex agents will help to get rid of excess weight, eliminate the ‘orange-peel’ effect on skin in problem areas, as well as will ensure the moistening, firming and protection of your skin against premature ageing.

Cellulite is a structural change in subcutaneous fat in the abdomen, buttocks and thighs in women. The result of cellulite is a partial fibrosis of adipose tissue. Usually the appearance of cellulite is associated with age. Cellulite is generally considered a cosmetic and psychological problem.

Carrying out anti-cellulite massage as a preventive treatment improves the external structure of the skin, stimulates the reduction of subcutaneous fat deposits, strengthens immunity, improves intercellular metabolism.

As a rule, the treatment course of anti-cellulite massage in our Clinic is performed only after a certain preparatory stage – elimination of lymphostasis, as well as several sessions of lymph drainage on the Lympha Press Plus (Israel) apparatus. This leads to increased microcirculation in the problem areas, which provides an adequate outflow of lymph from the periphery to the centre.

Lympha Press Plus (Israel) is the medical equipment intended for consecutive   compression therapy, which has a 12-chamber gradient.

The procedure of press therapy or lymph drainage massage on the Lympha Press Plus apparatus is used to get rid of excess weight and cellulite while removing stagnant products, excess fluid, toxins, poisons and fat decomposition products from the body.

During the pressure therapy procedure, the compressed air that comes via special cuffs influences the lymphatic system, which removes the excess accumulated liquid from the human organism.

It activates exchange processes in fat cells and skin cells, with improving venous circulation, recovering clear intracellular and intercellular water. As a result, vascular walls are toned and puffiness is removed.

The pressure therapy procedure helps to perform the active lymphatic drainage, removing stagnant products, excess liquid, toxins, poisons, products of the decomposition of fat cells from the organism. The pressure therapy procedure is painless.