Biorevitalization is an injectable method to add active agents to achieve the hand skin rejuvenation in the shortest possible time. Preparations based on hyaluronic acid are used for biorevitalization.

Hyaluronic acid is a main structural component of the intercellular derma matrix. It provides elasticity and deep moistening of the skin, regulates collagen synthesis and other structural elements of the skin.

Injection of it from outside compensates a shortcoming of the own hyaluronic acid, the amount and quality of which fairly decreases with the increase of years.

Biorevitalization fights against various problems of the hand skin:

  • dry and dehydrated skin, decrease in muscle tone and elasticity, correction of flabby skin;
  • prevention of hand aging at young age;
  • increased greasiness.

Results after the procedure:

  • improvement of hand skin tone;
  • increase in elasticity and smoothness of the skin;
  • removing small wrinkles developing on hand skin with the increase of years;
  • hand skin becomes fresh and healthy.

 Contraindications to the biorevitalization procedure:

  • autoimmune diseases: rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus and so forth.
  • inflammatory diseases of the skin
  • malignant tumors
  • infectious diseases
  • pregnancy and lactation

Recommended course of treatment:

The treatment includes 3 procedures with two-week intervals. Repetition of this course is recommended at least once a year.

After the procedure

After the procedure, the patient should temporarily refuse visiting baths, sauna, solarium, paraffinotherapy procedures.


Biorevitalization of hand skin

Biorevitalization of hand skin with hyaluronic acid 1ml
140.00 €
Biorevitalization of hand skin with hyaluronic acid + antioxidants and amino acids 1ml
170.00 €
Biorevitalization of hand skin with hyaluronic acid 2ml
200.00 €

AppointmentBiorevitalization is deep moistening and improvement of the quality of hand skin