SPA care for legs is one of the most pleasant procedures.

SPA care for legs is a health set of procedures with the use of salt, therapeutic muds and healing plants, a variety of massages, masks, exfoliants, peeling.

SPA pedicure has also aesthetic value since nails, toes, heels look more attractive after it. Skin becomes smooth, and the nail surface becomes more resistant to external influences.

The procedure technology can vary depending on the master’s techniques and the client’s preferences.

However, the following elements are considered as traditional:

  • antiseptic foot basin – cleansing, softening skin, nails;
  • skin resurfacing – a special polishing machine removes corns;
  • dissolving serum – applied to improve deep peeling, remove plantar callosities, corns;
  • multicomponent mask – moistens skin, caring of it;
  • foot massage – concentrated on the foot zone, influences power points. It has healing properties;
  • applying tonic compound – softens skin, reliably prevents cracks, dryness of regenerated skin;

Main problems of leg skin are dryness and excessive sweat. In the places where there is often friction between feet skin and footwear, dry corns appear.

Stages of the care for legs are:

  • Cleansing is the care basis. First of all, it is necessary to thoroughly remove external dirt from the skin surface. Disinfectants are used for this purpose. Along with cleansing, thermal foot basins are useful to nourishing and moistening of leg skin.
  • The foot basins are rest and stress coping. Submerge your legs in water that the water cover your feet. Different salts and aromatic oils are used. Hold your feet for 5 minutes.
  • Exfoliation – for moistening and tonization. Algae, organic crystals of sugar, titanium crumbs can be their part.
  • Peeling – allows to remove dead cells of the corneous layer, which improves penetration of active agents into the skin during the subsequent procedures and stimulates blood circulation. When taking foot basins or after them, a srub is used for peeling. A nourishing mask can be applied. Duration is 3-5 minutes.
  • Masks – store of energy for a long time. They are only applied on well-cleaned skin. They include: vitamins, glycerin, oils, lanolin, waxes, honey, bee milk, ginseng, scarlet, chamomile, humidifiers, etc. Special compounds can also be applied. Then the moisturizing or nourishing cream is applied.
  • Massage improves lymph and blood circulation, removes muscle and ligament tension. It actively influences receptors with which the foot skin is rich. Classical massage as stroking and rubbing, point massage influencing acupuncture points and reflexological massage are applied.

Your legs will always look beautiful and accurate!


SPA manicure and pedicure

SPA manicure
60 min.
30.00 €
SPA pedicure
60 min.
35.00 €

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