“I reject compromises and half-measures when it comes to maintaining youth, beauty and health of the skin. Only high concentrations of active components, powerful antioxidants and aggressive delivery systems can save the activity of skin cells at an adequate level and so save health and beauty. In my products, I use all the power of retinol created by ZO®Skin Health, Inc.” (Zein Obagi, dermatologist and scientist, Doctor of Medicine).

The doctor’s brand ZO®Skin Health was established in 2010 by world famous American dermatologist, scientist and Doctor of Medicine Zein Obagi.
The brand was based on the long work of doctor Obagi at Obagi Skin Health Institute and Beverly Hills Center for Plastic and Laser Surgery. The brand founder is a full member of American Board of Dermatology and full member of American Academy of Dermatology.

Zein Obagi devoted over 35 years to researching the skin, developing basic principles of care, and creating an ideal complex of means providing skin treatment, daily active and supporting care, and also specific protection.
The unique and effective approach of doctor Obagi is the effect on the skin directly at the cellular level, activating, stimulating and strengthening the own functions.

His secret of youth:

“I am often asked: why are our means so effective? I work as a dermatologist and I am engaged in scientific research for already 35 years. Since foundation of our company ZO®Skin Health, we do not believe that the skin is a wall that you can putty and paint like you want. The skin is a live body in which each cell and layer has its function. If to take into account it from the very start, to pay main attention not to diseases but prevention, to correctly care for the skin – it will forever remain healthy, young and ideally looking.” (Zein Obagi, Doctor of Medicine).

“Remember a very important word – stabilization, Zein Obagi urges us. Thanks to the concept of stabilization our means are suitable for daily care to people of any age, with any type of skin, men and women. If the skin is oily or dry – we will do it normal, if it is sensitive – we will eliminate the sensitivity. And each person having the healthy skin can have it forever.”

In his skin care system, this concept really plays a leading role and is opposed to what is usually called ‘correction.’ In case of the correction, an artificial regulation is imposed to the skin in the form of a ‘dope’ consisting of active agents.
The task is to perform the stabilization in such a way the skin could again recover, protect, moisturize itself. In fact, only it allows not only to prevent aging, but to cope even with its brightest manifestations: elasticity loss, wrinkles, and pigment spots.

Zein Obagi equates health to youth. The healthy skin should be smooth, hard, elastic (not to sag), moisturized, have uniform color, not to have a pain, and not to suffer from hypersensitivity. All this is guaranteed to us if the cells operate correctly.

Solution of skin problems from doctor Zein Obagi

The ZO® Skin Health company developed two absolutely unique systems for the delivery of active retinol (vitamin A) providing the maximum penetration of the active component into the skin and the effective correction of the signs of chrono- and photoaging of the skin. It has been clinically proved that only high concentrations of retinol provide a visible anti-age effect.

All ZO® Skin Health preparations help skin cells to produce collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and other the “substances of youth,” not to take them from the outside and keep them on the surface. As a result, the skin returns its capability to recover, protect and moisturize itself. The healthy and strong skin itself stops age changes, saving its youth and beauty. But to force the skin to “wake up,” the preparations should work inside cells, not outside of them.
To implement this idea, a formula was created on the basis of vitamin A, in which it was succeeded to stabilize retinol. All the preparations are encapsulated, and only when the preparation is in a cell, the retinol comes out. A combination of retinol with antioxidants helps to avoid skin irritation and inflammatory reactions. Research of doctor Obagi showed that the use of one antioxidant only is absolutely insufficient. Vitamin C, being a monoproduct, for example, often causes irritation, and vitamin E is capable to suppress cells. Therefore, the combination of the retinol is safe and effective with a few types of antioxidants.

All these innovation developments were the basis for the unified system ZO® Skin Health, which is a unique resource allowing to combine therapeutic and aesthetic methods of skin care and create complex solutions for skin problems, taking into account specific features.


The ZO® Skin Health system is used in two directions:

  • ZO Skin Health – cosmetological
  • ZO Medical – medical

The products are certified in the USA by Food and Drug Administration.
Their production meets the Good Manufacturing Practice standards for laboratories, which means complete environmental safety.

ZO Skin Health is a new trend in skin care, in which the main emphasis is placed on the need to recover the own potential of the skin, improve its barrier function, increase immunity and decrease sensitivity.

All ZO Skin Health preparations help skin cells to produce collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and other “substances of youth,” but they do not take them from the outside and do not keep them on the skin surface. As a result, the skin restores its ability to recover, protect and moisturize itself.
The healthy and strong skin itself stops age changes, saving youth and beauty. But to force the skin “to wake up,” the preparations have to operate inside cells, not outside.

ZO Medical is the means that do not have analogues, high-concentrated for effective therapy of various states of the skin at the cellular level.


Among active ingredients of this line, there are:

  • microencapsulated retinol
  • innovation complexes of components with stem cells in combination with antioxidants
  • multi-level systems of inhibition of melanin synthesis
  • proteins
  • peptides
  • anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and calming agents

The microencapsulated retinol of high concentration and the powerful complex of therapeutic ingredients together with unique multifunctional systems of delivery provide a solution of a wide range of dermatological problems:

  • Pigmented lesion
  • Excess sebum secretion
  • Skin failures caused by influence of UV radiation
  • Disturbance of the pilosebaceous unit function
  • Other diseases of inflammatory nature

A variety of the problems that can be effectively solved by ZO®Skin Health cosmetics:

  • aging;
  • pigment spots;
  • problem skin, acne;
  • oily, porous skin;
  • post-acne scars, coarse skin;
  • photodamage, photoaging;
  • chronoaging, aging prevention;
  • rosacea.

Products available for sale


ZO® Skin Health by Zein Obagi (USA)

ZO by ZEIN OBAGI Peeling
60 min.
100.00 €

ZO by ZEIN OBAGI complete sets of face procedures

ZO by ZEIN OBAGI PEELING + Pressure therapy
80 min.
130.00 €
ZO by ZEIN OBAGI PEELING + X-Lite Eyes + Pressure therapy
100 min.
210.00 €
ZO by ZEIN OBAGI PEELING + Mesotherapy
100 min.
140.00 €
ZO by ZEIN OBAGI PEELING + Mesotherapy + Pressure therapy
100 min.
170.00 €

AppointmentZO® Skin Health by Zein Obagi complex skin rejuvenation procedure, anti-age cosmetics (USA)