Dr.Ludmila Gailuma is a certified dermatovenerologist, specialist in aesthetic medicine and contour correction.
A member of Latvian Association of Dermatovenerologists and World Society of Interdisciplinary of Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine (WOSIAM).

  • 1991 – graduated from Riga Medical Institute, Faculty of General Medicine
  • 1991 – 1992 – internship as a dermatovenerologist
  • 1993 – 2015 – work for Latvian clinics as a dermatologist.
    The main directions of activity were mesotherapy, biorevitalization, correction of excessive sweating, correction of mimic wrinkles by means of botulinum toxin and injections of hyaluronic acid, contour correction, correction of volume of lips, plasmotherapy, photoepilation and photorejuvenation, face recovery and correction after plastic operations, treatment of increased hair loss by mesotherapy method and PRP.

“Everybody has its own standard of human body beauty but all opinions are completely for one matter: there is no kind of beautiful appearance without healthy and well-conditioned skin. An individual can spend a lot of money for makeup and expensive clothes. However, skin imperfections will disturb you again and again. So the true way for beauty should be started from advice of highly-qualified specialist- doctor dermatologist. A doctor –specialist provides precise analysis of skin state and, in case of necessity, selects the most appropriate method of treatment. Choosing the doctor a patient should be sure that the doctor provides him or her most modern medicines and methods with all appropriate certifications. Proper treatment should be carried out with skilful hand, and medical reasons should be strictly observed.” – Dr.Ludmila Gailuma

Advanced training.

  • 2007 – 7th Baltic Congress of Dermatovenerologists
  • 2007 – Training course for the use of mesoActive
  • 2007 – Training course for the use of Teosyal
  • 2007 – Aesthetic Mesotherapy Course, France, Université de Bordeaux
  • 2009 – Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress, Monte-Carlo, Monaco
  • 2009 – Theoretical and practical course in Vistabel application for aesthetic treatment
  • 2010 – Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress, Monte-Carlo, Monaco
  • 2010 – Prof.Olga Zabnenkova, Moscow – Allergan training, JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA™ and JUVÉDERM® SMILE™
  • 2010 – Teosyal injection course
  • 2011 – Injection course for Esthélis and Fortélis, Swiss
  • 2011 – Riga-course-Option, problems and analysis of the perioral area and lip correction
  • 2011– Course-Botox in aesthetic medicine
  • 2011 – Face rejuvination with hyaluronic acid products JUVÉDERM® ULTRA™
  • 2011 – Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress, Monte-Carlo, Monaco
  • Training with Plasmolite device, Sweden
  • 2012 – Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress, Monte-Carlo, Monaco
  • 2012 – International conference, Riga – Euromelanomas kompanija Latvija
  • 2012 – Prof. Olga Zabnenkova, Moscow – Allergan Leadership Day
  • 2012 – Plastic surgeon, Brazil, prof. Mauricio de Maio – Masterclass in Allergan products
  • 2012 – Dr. Gilis – Theory and injection technical training in Allergan products
  • 2013 – Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress, Bangkok, Thailand
  • 2013 – Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress, Monte-Carlo, Monaco
  • 2013 – Kaunas, Lithuania – PRP technical training
  • 2014 – Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress, Monte-Carlo, Monaco