The Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine “Art of Beauty” offers the procedure of IPL / photo rejuvenation of the skin of the face, neck, decollete, hands on the device COSMETIC SYSTEM SAPHIRA IPL / SHR E-MOTION (GERMANY).

Photo rejuvenation on the Cosmetic System Saphira IPL/SHR e-motion device using IPL/SHR in motion ™ technology is an innovative technique in the field of aesthetic medicine and correction of age—related skin changes, which provides an opportunity to effectively affect various areas of the skin and does not require time to recover after a therapy session.

Even one session of IPL / photo rejuvenation triggers the mechanism of long-term (up to one year) restoration of collagen fibers and is used in the following cases:

  • rejuvenation / activation of collagen synthesis – as a result of heating of the epidermis and dermis, fibroblasts are stimulated and collagen production is activated, which helps to smooth wrinkles and tighten the skin;
  • photo rejuvenation / removal of hyperpigmentation – colored skin structures (that is, cells with a high content of melanin) absorb the energy of pulsed light well, resulting in their destruction and lightening of the skin;
  • treatment of acne / acne / rosacea / rosacea / lentigo / dichromia – the light pulse has bactericidal action, therefore, phototherapy of acne helps to improve the condition of the skin on which there are acne rashes;
  • in combination with medical treatment and various physiotherapeutic procedures, dermatologists and doctors recommend phototherapy sessions for vitiligo and psoriasis (all sessions are under the supervision of a doctor, the course in this case will be individual).

Advantages of the Cosmetic System Saphira IPL/SHR e-motion technology:

  • SHR filters ultraviolet and infrared rays, so SHR has no side effects on the body.
  • SHR has an enhanced pulse frequency (from 1 to 10 Hz), due to this, the processing speed increases and the time of the procedure is reduced.
  • SHR is suitable for all skin types without exception
  • SHR can be used all year round
  • the patient does not need painkillers, thanks to the patented “in motion” technology. The constantly moving module makes the procedure more effective without pain and harm to the skin.
  • SHR does not leave any traces, so there is no need for a rehabilitation period. After the procedure, you can immediately go about your business.

The procedure has a number of contraindications, therefore, a mandatory consultation with a specialist is carried out before the procedure.