Aesthetic Medicine Clinic “Art of Beauty” offers a complex treatment for such diseases like rosacea and couperousis by using two instrumental methods:

  • IPL / SHR e-motionCosmetic System Saphira (Germany);
  • ThermaVein RF ™ (Great Britain);

*dermatologist prescribes drugs if.

Indications of use of IPL/SHR e-motion ™  + ThermaVein RF ™ procedure complex:

  • Treatment of vascular network;
  • Vascular spiders;
  • couperosis;
  • vascular spots;
  • vascular birthmarks;
  • rosacea;

Results from IPL/SHR e-motion ™  + ThermaVein RF ™ procedure complex:

  • recovery of normal blood circulation;
  • elimination of pathologic vascular distension of skin surface;
  • rejuvenation of skin, improvement of skin tone and elasticity;
  • pores contraction;
  • elimination of inflammatory process;
  • improvement of facial skin tone;
  • elimination of skin defects (pigmented spots, vascular abnormalities);
  • improvement of skin protection barrier;
  • elimination of skin sloughing and dryness;

First stage of complex treatment:

  • Photo-rejuvenation on Cosmetic System Saphira IPL/SHR e-motion ™ / intensive pulsed light technology – innovative method of aesthetic medicine and correction of age-related changes of your skin allows to effectively treat different skin areas, needing no time to recover after therapy session.

One session of photo-rejuvenation triggers a mechanism of long-lasting (up to one year) recovery of collagen fibers and is indicated in following issues:

  • Vascular abnormalities, including telangiectasia, redness and hypermimia of acne-rosacea;
  • Pigmented changes, including brown spots and lentigos, dyschromia, reddish color of face and other occasions, being a consequence of solar influence and photo-ageing;
  • General ageing of facial skin (recovery of skin tone, smoothness and youth skin is possible);
  • Treatment of melasma;
  • Could be effectively used on face, neck, chest and hands area in listed occasions;

Second stage of complex treatment:

ThermaVein RF ™ is the safest and most effective way of treatment of vascular abnormalities of them all and ensures immediate, safe and effective elimination of telangiectasia on your face and body.

Treatment of radio frequency coagulation is non-traumatic, no side effects (burn injuries, pigmentation, scars), leaves no “purple spot” effect.

RF-lastic ThermaVein™ working principle:

Radio frequency impulse / RF, is being transferred to the vessel through single-use, sterile isolated electrode. Heat provides immediate effect on the vessel without hurting skin and near tissues, capillary-vessel just disappears. You can see the result right during the procedure.


Radio frequency coagulation generally is being implemented from 1 to 4 sessions 1-15 minutes. Procedure is a little painful, but requires no local anesthesia.