Aesthetic Medicine Clinic “Art of Beauty” offers a PRP-therapy procedure – plasmotherapy with a unique technology of platelet enriched plasma injections (15 ml.) to the deep skin layers.

REGEN LAB company – Swiss biotechnology laboratory is a leader of regenerative medicine field.

The company has patented and offered a unique injection technology of cell bio-stimulation using your own plasma.

A kit of three tubes is included in the procedure:

  • two tubes (10 ml.) – intended for obtaining platelet enriched plasma (platelet level more than 80%);
  • in third tube (5 ml.) there is a thrombin – platelet activator and growth inducer.  Fibrin glue obtained by using thrombin produces the immediate effect – unwrinkling and great lifting.

Purpose of these injections is rejuvenation of mature and damaged skin and hypodermal tissues and to generate new skin layers, providing a visible anti-aging effect.

REGEN LAB PRP-therapy will provide increase of structure, tone and stiffness of colour for your skin.