Beauty. Rejuvenation.

Aesthetic Medicine Clinic “Art of Beauty” offers a rejuvenating phyto-programme with anatomic gypsum mask and BIOREGENE “S” ampule on Methode Cholley (Switzerland) phytocosmetics.

Professional rejuvenating phyto-programme based on botanical phyto-mask for rejuvenation and regeneration of vital force for tired and atonic facial skin.

The result:

  • Intensive moisturizing. Intensively renewing moisture level in dehydrated skin;
  • Intensive skin nutrition. Satiating deep skin layers with all the necessary substances and healthful microelements making the skin smoother and elastic;
  • Cell rejuvenation. Provides complex skin rejuvenation on the cellular level;
  • Increase of collagen elaboration. Increase of collagen fibres elaboration in facial skin tissues;
  • Lifting effect. Visibly lifts the skin and shapes the facial contours.
  • Against couperosis. Removes the vascular spiders and constricts distended capillaries;
  • Treatment of vessels. Provides vessel-strengthening and vasoconstriction effect;
  • Removes oedema. Provides intensive antiphlogistic, softening, anti-oedema and light whitening effect;