Autologous Cellular Rejuvenation (ARC) or PRP-Plasma therapy by RegenLab® Laboratory is an innovative technology of lifting and rejuvenating the skin of the face and body with the help of platelet-enriched autoplasma obtained in the eyes of a patient from his/her own blood, as well as fibrin autogel, rich with thrombin, which allows for volume correction of the face

What is PRP-plasma therapy RegenLab®?

RegenLab® is a Swiss biotechnology laboratory, the leader in autologous regenerative medicine, patented and proposed the technology of skin cell biostimulation with the help of isolated platelet-enriched plasma from the patient’s blood followed by its intradermal injection for skin rejuvenation using RegenACR® kits.

What is the difference between the method of autologous cell rejuvenation by RegenLab® from other known plasmotherapeutic methods?

To date, it has become possible not only to obtain platelet-enriched plasma from the patient’s blood. Now our clinic uses an innovative system of blood purification and separation into fractions with special filters installed in test tubes Regen ACR®. After filtering the blood and centrifuging it, the patient receives an injectable biologic preparation – autogel, with excellent qualities. In addition to the fact that all cells remain alive, there is also an important fibrin protein, as well as platelets that initiate the subsequent cell regeneration and contain fibroblast growth factors and cellular matrix.

What is RegenLab Autogel®?

PRP-plasma therapy RegenLab® is the only procedure in the world where, without any heating, unique autogel is formed from the patient’s own plasma in specially designed and patented RegenACR® kits.

Autogel Regenlab® has become one of the most sought-after injection procedures in the leading cosmetology clinics of anti-age medicine, since this biopreparation, in addition to its rejuvenating and improving functions, also provides extensive opportunities for plasmaplasty.

With autogel it became possible to restore the 3D sculpture of the face, that is, to give a certain amount to tissue – previously it was possible only with contour plasty – as well as to smooth and reduce wrinkles, and deeply moisturize the skin.

RegenACR® Disposable Kits

RegenACR® kits are a series of medical disposable kits: RegenACR Classic®, RegenACR Extra® and RegenACR PLUS®, which include all necessary materials for obtaining and sampling whole blood, preparation for PRP-plasma therapy.

Designed for use in maximum aseptic conditions; double sterile packaging; closed loop manipulation.

After blood sampling and centrifugation, RegenACR® contains cells, platelets and growth factors derived from the patient’s blood, which are the own elixir of youth.

Features of RegenLab® tubes

The test tubes in the RegenACR disposable kits are special. They contain a filter that separates erythrocytes from blood plasma even during collection.

Types of RegenLab® tubes

There are three types of RegenLab® tubes for plasma production, which differ in content and are divided into blue, red and yellow (according to the colour of the protective cover).

  • “Blue” RegenBCT® test tubes are designed to produce platelet-enriched plasma.
    Platelets are the key factors in the mechanisms of restoring soft and bony tissues. They are the sources of the necessary growth factors for the activation of stem cells.
    Plasma is necessary for the regeneration of cells, because it contains nutrients, vitamins, hormones, electrolytes and proteins.
  • “Red” RegenATS® test tubes are designed to produce fibrin gel from plasma. It is used to restore volume and fill wrinkles.
    The tube contains thrombin, an activator of platelets and growth factors. Thrombin-derived fibrin gel gives an instant effect – wrinkle smoothing and good lifting.
  • “Yellow” CellularMatrix™ tube is an innovative patented method for the use of hyaluronic acid and platelet-enriched plasma.
    These two powerful components do not just act simultaneously, they mutually reinforce each other. While hyaluronic acid restores the skin’s elasticity and suppleness, platelet-enriched plasma stimulates the surrounding cells to produce their own collagen, complementing the effect of hyaluronic acid.
    More information about CellularMatrix™ can be found here…

Purpose of the PRP-plasma therapy RegenLab®

Thanks to PRP-plasma therapy RegenLab® injections, rich in live platelets, the skin receives a powerful impulse to activate the natural rejuvenation process; it improves blood circulation, metabolism goes into youth mode, new molecules of hyaluronic acid are actively synthesized; a fast process of forming a 3D skin carcass out of collagen and elastine is launched.

In addition, there is stimulation of regeneration of mature and damaged skin and hypodermal tissues, as well as creation of new layers of the dermis.

Procedure of PRP-plasma therapy RegenLab®

PRP-plasma therapy RegenLab® therapy is minimally invasive and atraumatic, therefore it is performed in the outpatient setting of our clinic.

Immediately after the procedure, you can return home and do the usual things.

PRP-plasma therapy RegenLab® therapy is carried out using the following protocol:

  • Venous blood sampling in the patient, which is placed in special RegenACR® tubes.
  • Placing RegenACR® tubes in the RegenLab® centrifuge with a special gradient, where they are centrifuged for 3-5 minutes.
  • The obtained autologous preparation with the help of a thin needle is injected into the deep layers of the dermis. Anaesthesia is not required, since the procedure is painless.

The method of plasma injection

Each procedure involves the use of a number of injection techniques. This depends on the issue the patient has addressed, but as a rule, the doctors of our clinic use the technique of deep intradermal plasma injection to start the process of stimulating the fibroblasts that are in the dermal layer of the skin. It influences as the quality of the procedure itself, as its painlessness. This technique greatly reduces the number of injections compare with standard injection techniques, and up to 1 ml of plasma can be used for one injection.

Indications for the PRP-plasma therapy RegenLab®

  • Age-related changes in facial and body skin (signs of atrophy, decreased elasticity and suppleness, wrinkles, dyschromia, couperose, etc.);
  • Signs of photodamage of the skin;
  • Blackheads, acne and post acne;
  • Hypotrophic scars and striae (stretch marks);
  • Diffuse hair thinning, scalp problems;
  • Dark spots;
  • Sprain of ligaments and tendons;
  • Prevention of aging;
  • Need for rehabilitation after surgery, skin trauma, aggressive laser and chemical effects.

Effect of PRP-plasma therapy RegenLab®

  • Instant effect of the PRP-plasma therapy RegenLab®: volumetric correction of wrinkles and folds due to the filling effect of fibrin autogel.
  • Gradually developing effect: rejuvenation and healing of the skin under the influence of platelet growth factors, which is expressed in increasing elasticity, suppleness and density of the skin, eliminating small wrinkles and decreasing depth of medium ones, improving the clinical picture of atrophic scars and striae, and aligning skin colouring.

Whhen using PRP-plasma therapy RegenLab®, platelets retain their activity after the introduction into the skin for about 10 days. During this time, there is the release of useful substances (growth factors) from platelets, which leads to a powerful stimulation of rejuvenating and restoring processes in the skin.

But you will see the ultimate effect of the PRP-plasma therapy RegenLab® after 30 days, because, the cell must go through its renewal cycle and reach the visible layer of the skin.

Result of the PRP-plasma therapy RegenLab®

  • Reduced signs of skin aging;
  • Smoothed wrinkles;
  • Tonus and turgor of tissues are restored;
  • Stimulated immune functions of the skin;
  • Improved condition of the hair and scalp;
  • Foci of hyperpigmentation are clarified;
  • Cicatricial changes of the skin, stretch marks (striae) become less pronounced;
  • Decreased manifestations of acne.

Contraindications of PRP-plasma therapy RegenLab®

  • Oncology;
  • Pregnancy, lactation;
  • Blood diseases;
  • Impaired immunity;
  • Severe forms of diabetes mellitus;
  • Impaired platelet function;
  • Blood coagulation disorder;
  • Sepsis;
  • High level of fibrinogen.

Combining PRP-plasma therapy RegenLab® with other procedures

The combination of PRP-plasma therapy RegenLab® with other medicines is not provided in one procedure, however, during the course of treatment it is possible to consistently use other drugs and methods (injections of stabilized and unstabilized hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin, mesotherapy, etc.).

Using PRP-plasma therapy RegenLab® allows you to increase the effectiveness of such methods as fractional photothermolysis, radio wave lifting, chemical peelings. The combined course of procedures must always be individualized.

A general rule can be considered the use of PRP-plasma therapy RegenLab® after lasers and peelings and preferably before injection plastics and botulinum therapy.

Treatment course of PRP-plasma therapy RegenLab®

As a rule, the treatment course includes 3-5 procedures, which are carried out with an interval of 3-4 weeks. The second course is scheduled two years later, or support procedures are recommended every 6 months.

The result achieved after the course of treatment lasts from six months to two years. The spread of the effect duration is explained by differences in the initial state of the skin, age and lifestyle of the patient.

The PRP-plasma therapy RegenLab® is not toxic or allergenic, as the patient is given a biopreparation made from his/her own plasma.

Recommendations after the PRP-plasma therapy RegenLab®:

Immediately after the completion of the procedure, it is not recommended to touch the injection areas, to use makeup.

Just in a few hours you can return to the usual way of life.

Safety by RegenLab®

The RegenLab® Laboratory has developed unique, effective and high-safety products for working with plasma, investing heavily in technology and clinical trials. RegenLab® products are officially authorized in European countries and the US.

By choosing the procedure of PRP-plasma therapy RegenLab® we guarantee the patient absolute safety, comfort of the procedure, most importantly, the visible and rapid effect of the procedure.



Initial physician consultation
If a procedure is being conducted straight away after the consultation, then consultation is for free.
45.00 €
PRP - Plasma theraphy - Regen ACR Classic (1 tube) 6 ml.
290.00 €
PRP - Plasma theraphy with hyaluronic acid - Regen Cellural Matrix (1 tube) 6 ml.
350.00 €
PRP - Plasma theraphy - Regen ACR Extra (2 tubes) 12ml.
370.00 €
PRP - Plasma theraphy with hyaluronic acid - Regen Cellural Matrix (1 tube) + Regen ACR Classic (1 tube) 12ml.
544.00 €
PRP - Plasma theraphy injection filler with Thrombin serum - Regen ACR Classic (3 tubes) 18 ml.
600.00 €
PRP - Plasma theraphy with hyaluronic acid - Regen Cellural Matrix (1 tube) 6 ml. + Regen ACR Extra (2 tubes) 18 ml.
655.00 €
PRP - Plasma theraphy COMPLETE SETS
PRP - Plasma theraphy - Regen ACR Classic (1 tube) 6 ml. + IPL Photorejuvenation
470.00 €
PRP - Plasma theraphy - Regen ACR Extra (2 tubes) 12ml. + IPL Photorejuvenation
540.00 €
PRP - Plasma theraphy injection filler with Thrombin serum - Regen ACR Classic (3 tubes) 18 ml. + IPL Photorejuvenation
750.00 €