The clinic of aesthetic medicine “Art of Beauty” is a multi-field healthcare facility that applies the most advanced and latest global medical technology in the field of aesthetic and anti-aging medicine, dermology, dietology, cosmetology, gynecology, urinology, phlebology and other directions.

“Art of Beauty” is fully licensed and sertified in European Union and registered in Ministry of Health of Republic of Latvia, Health Inspectorate and Register of Medical Institutions with registration number 0100-01633

The clinic of aesthetic medicine “Art of Beauty” is a health terrene where each patient receives an individual complex approach and access to the best world medical technologies. After consultation with our physicians and the diagnostics of Your organism, the in-person course of health-improving and anti-aging therapy is compiled.

Our partners are the leading developers and manufacturers of medical facilities, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products from Switzerland, the USA, South Korea, Japan, Italy and the Netherlands. The experts of “Art of Beauty” interned in the leading medical settings and scientific centres of Europe multiple times.

Central focus in “Art of Beauty” is made on innovative instrumental and injectible techniques, cellular technology, injectible contour correction, as well as diagnostic programs and genetic analysis.

At the same time, we offer a wide range of classical programs for care of face and body skin and solutions of its most different problems: acne, couperosis, wrinkles, pigmentation, photoaging, epilation, cellulite, etc.

We are in the famous historical part of Riga, its architectural pearl that is a unique sample of Jugendstil. It is a silent and respectable center with its cosy cafes, restaurants and little shops; here everything disposes to refinement and beauty in all its manifestations. In everything that is connected with creating beauty of the face and body.

Our goal is a cautious, high-efficient nonsurgical facial and body rejuvenation while maintaining Your individuality and improvement Your health.

We love and value every patient, and they reciprocate us.

Our team