The concentrate with 1.0% tea tree oil, 3.0% almond acid and the Longevity ™ Complex with a light texture has an intense cleansing, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect. Accelerates cell regeneration. Reduces the blockage of pores, prevents the formation of blackheads.

Ideal for skin prone to greasiness and acne formation.
93.7% natural ingredients. Without silicones. Without perfumes.

Active ingredients

1% tea tree oil is an exceptionally effective remedy against a huge number of bacteria, including those resistant to antibiotics. Therefore, it is recommended for skin inflammations. This oil gives the product a distinctive smell.

3% almond acid is an alpha hydroxy acid with exfoliating properties. Reduces hyperkeratosis caused by excessive oxidation of sebum in hair follicles. It has antibacterial properties, reduces existing deficiencies, prevents the appearance of inflammation and preserves smoothness and even skin tone.

Longevity ™ Complex – organic extracts of superfoods and highly technological molecules that counteract the effects of stress and factors that accelerate aging:

  • Wild indigo fights excess cortisol and increases the level of beta-endorphins.
  • Maca berries, rich in antioxidants, neutralize free radicals.
  • Spinach, which counteracts glycation and promotes proper DNA methylation.
  • Carnosine acts against glycation.
  • Macrogialuronic acid: due to its hygroscopic properties, it retains water, which contributes to proper hydration of the skin and creates a fullness effect. Having a high molecular weight, it acts on the surface layers of the skin.

Clinically proven

  • 26% reduction in sebum production.
  • 12% reduction in pore size.

*clinical test, instrumental measurement, 20 women, 28 days.