Deep Repair Balm


Deep Repair Balm is intended for care of the dry and sensitive skin. The means will be ideal for the use both at home (skin exposed to the wind, after sunbathing, in cold weather) and in professional conditions (injections, laser, peeling).

Indications for the use of Deep Repair Balm:

  • care of the dry, supersensitive skin or the skin irritated by external factors (wind, cold, sun, …);
  • addition to professional aesthetic procedures (injections, laser, peeling, …);
  • it calms, moisturizes and reduces the redness caused by local disorders.


  • Resilient Hyaluronic Acid (RHA™) based on the patented TEOXANE technology forms a moistening network in the application zone, improves intercellular matrix, and has noticeable rejuvenating effect.
  • Arnica extract has a calming and anti-inflammatory property.
  • Neutrazen™ stimulates skin regeneration, calms skin reactions, and protects the skin against harmful environmental effects.
  • Immortelle extract reduces the hematoma formation level.


  • It has recovering effect.
  • Moisturizes – 100%.
  • Calms – 100%.
  • Reduces reddening.
  • Skin resurfacing

How to use:

Apply it on the dry and most sensitive parts of the skin with light massing movements as often as necessary. It is recommended to use it after aesthetic procedures to calm the skin.