Exfoliating foaming enzyme powder with chlorella, rice starch and papaya enzymes for smooth and radiant skin. The waterless texture of the transformer is used economically, and by adjusting the amount of powder and water, you can personalize your cleansing. When mixed with water, the powder quickly transforms into a creamy foam, which effectively removes dirt and dead cells. Ideal for weekly exfoliation, as well as to enhance the properties of the cleansing cream / skin regimen/.

Active Ingredients

Chlorella: unicellular freshwater algae. It is rich in amino acids (~50%), minerals (~10%), carotenoids (~3%). Approximately 30% of the chlorella composition consists of fibers that absorb toxins and heavy metals.

Chlorella is a well–known superfood, a dietary supplement for detoxifying the body from heavy metals. Chlorella is also useful for the skin because, due to the high content of chitin and cellulose polysaccharides, it captures and removes pollutants, including smog particles.

Papain: a natural proteolytic (dissolving the bonds between proteins) enzyme. It stimulates the detachment of dead cells on the surface of the stratum corneum for effective and delicate peeling.

Rice starch:The intangible powdery texture absorbs excess sebum.


Upon contact with water, the powder transforms into a soft cleansing foam with an exfoliating effect. Use 1-2 times a week. Pour a small amount of powder (about a teaspoon) into the palm of your hand, add a little warm water to transform the powder into foam. Apply to the face, emulsify with gentle massage movements, massage, rinse with plenty of water. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse eyes immediately with plenty of water.