Refreshing moisturizing gel, rich in polyphenols, relieves fatigue from the eyes, helps to fight puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. The metal applicator provides a pleasant cooling application and massages, which contributes to the return of a “fresh” look. 99% of the ingredients are of natural origin.


Revitalizes the delicate skin of the eye contour and protects against signs of aging. The gel formula provides relief of fatigue from the eyes, it is easily absorbed. A high concentration of plant extracts has a heightening and antioxidant effect. Ideal for people working at a computer, before and after a flight; for those who wear contact lenses, during increased eye strain and during a period of lack of sleep.


MEDITERRANEAN APPLE EXTRACT. An apple with a red peel is exceptionally rich in polyphenols due to the formation in conditions of prolonged exposure to strong sun. It has a powerful protective antioxidant effect. It reduces the destructive effects of free radicals, reduces inflammatory processes, improves the condition of blood vessels, which reduces puffiness and dark circles.

COMPLEX OF ACTIVE MOLECULES FROM NATURAL EXTRACTS OF APPLE, LENTIL AND WATERMELON PEEL provide a double moisturizing effect: – restore the barrier properties of the skin, stimulating the synthesis of filaggrin protein, – improve the transport of water in the cells of the epidermis, stimulating the synthesis of proteins aquaporins – “water channels” of the skin.


Lightly squeeze out a small amount of gel from the tube (slightly less than a pea). Use a metal applicator to distribute the gel under the eyes and on the upper eyelid. If necessary, use your fingers to drive in the remaining gel very gently. Apply morning and evening. Repeat the application throughout the day if necessary (especially with eye strain).


Ideal for any skin of men and women, especially young, under any climatic conditions, in combination with any care. Ideal for high eye loads.