Price: 189.00€

Super-concentrated serum with growth factors for cell rejuvenation and face contour modeling.
Adifyline peptide to increase the tissue volume, Syn-Ake peptides with botulinum-like action, Myoxinol, Snap-8, Growth factor from Crocus Chrysanthus bulbs, Transforming growth factor 1, Alpha lipoic acid.


Innovative serum to recover the vital potential of cells of skin, renewing and prolonging their life, on the basis of neuro- and aminopeptides.
Hinders reduction of fat tissue volumes, providing skin filling effect and clearness to face contours.
Recovers lost elasticity of the skin, intensively tightens it and gives vital forces.


  • Serum literally revives the skin from inside and eliminates the changes connected with its aging (wrinkles, sagging, decrease in tone and density).
  • Alpha lipoic acid activates development of Q10 coenzyme and has anti-inflammatory effect
  • Innovative Adifyline peptide hinders loss of fatty tissue volumes in face contours and gives them clearness.
  • Skin looks younger and elastic, its tone and texture are improved, wrinkles, pores and pigmentation become significantly less noticeable, there is considerable strengthening of the facial contour, age sharpness of facial features is eliminated, it looks more relaxed and young.


For all skin types.
Especially for skin with deep wrinkles, for weakened skin lost volume and growing old.