Dermatoscopy – diagnosis of skin neoplasms

Dermatoscopy is a method widely used in dermatology, cosmetology and dermatooncology for the study of various skin conditions and neoplasms – moles, papillomas, warts, hemangiomas, dermatofibromas, etc.

Dermatoscopy is a hardware diagnostic procedure by which a visual examination of skin neoplasms is performed under multiple magnification and polarized and unpolarized light.

The main task of dermatoscopy

The main objective of dermatoscopy is the timely detection of precancerous and malignant neoplasms of the skin based on a detailed assessment of their size, shape, color, structure and the presence of structural changes. And also with the help of dermatoscopy, non-invasive diagnosis of certain diseases of the skin and mucous membranes is possible.

If signs of malignancy are detected as a result of dermatoscopy, the patient is referred to an oncologist for a biopsy in order to clarify the diagnosis and further treatment.

Indications for the study

On a planned basis – annually – our specialists recommend dermatoscopy in the following cases:

  • Regular examination of nevi (moles) in people with 1-2 skin phototypes (light);
  • The presence of any skin neoplasms in places where they are often injured;
  • The presence of a large number of moles (pigmented nevi);
  • Any skin neoplasms larger than 5 mm;
  • The presence of a history of melanoma in the patient himself or his closest blood relatives;
  • Neoplasms developing at the age of 50+

As a matter of urgency, for the purpose of oncological alertness, we recommend dermatoscopy if there are visible changes in existing neoplasms:

  • Increase in size;
  • Occurrence of asymmetry;
  • Color change;
  • Redness;
  • Puffiness;
  • Itching, burning or soreness;
  • Change of skin pattern;
  • Peeling.

Contraindications for the study

There are no contraindications to dermatoscopy. This procedure is absolutely safe and painless.

How is dermatoscopy performed

Dermatoscopy involves a visual examination of the skin using an optical system. No special training is required. The procedure is absolutely painless and safe.
One of the most important conditions for the correct assessment of the results of dermatoscopic examination and the establishment of the nature of skin neoplasm is the qualification and experience of a dermatologist.

Dermatoscopy results

The assessment of neoplasms during dermatoscopy in our clinic is carried out by experienced specialists on the basis of established certain signs-criteria characteristic of specific neoplasms of the skin and mucous membranes.

If signs of doubtful or characteristic of substandard neoplasms are detected, the patient is referred for consultation and further observation to an oncologist.

The clinic performs local therapy of injured and irritated skin formations, as well as removal of neoplasms according to indications. Methods of removing skin and mucous neoplasms are selected individually and depend on its size, structure and localization.


  • Is it possible to diagnose cancer using dermatoscopy?

Any diagnosis of a malignant neoplasm is considered proven after a morphological conclusion. With the help of dermatoscopy, it is possible to assume this diagnosis with a high degree of probability, but the morphologist makes the final diagnosis after examining the removed material.

  • What does the dermatoscopy of moles show?

Examination of moles using dermatoscopy allows you to either confirm the benign nature of the nevus, or recommend periodic monitoring of the mole or recommend its removal with subsequent histological examination, or timely identify malignant changes in the neoplasm and take the necessary measures for its treatment.

Dermatoscopy is included in the consultation of a dermatovenerologist.



Consultation of a dermatologist
50.00 €
Repeated consultation with a dermatologist (within three months)
40.00 €
Dermatoscopy with documentation (saved photo) of one education
17.00 €
Consultation of a venereologist for men and women
50.00 €
Repeated consultation of a venereologist for men and women (within three months)
40.00 €
Removal of one mole with a diameter of up to 0.4 cm from the face (body, genitals)
45.00 €
Removal of one mole with a diameter of up to 0.4 cm from the body
35.00 €
Removal of one mole with a diameter of up to 0.4 cm from the genitals
45.00 €
Removal of papillomas, candylomas (depends on the amount and area)
45.00 -95.00 €
Removal and treatment of warts (depending on the chosen method)
15.00 - 45.00 €
Anesthesia (local or injection)
6.00 €