Innovative NITHYA collagen therapy method for skin rejuvenation and structural regeneration by Euroresearch laboratory (Italy)

NITHYA — is a unique product of biological origin, which is structurally as close as possible to the collagen produced by our body. Its use allows you to correct the “frame” of the skin and restore clear contours of your face and body.


Collagen is the most important protein in the skin, and makes up 90% of the dermis

Collagen is one of the main factors in maintaining youthful and healthy skin

Collagen is a natural biorestructuring agent. With age, the strength of the fibers gradually weakens, leading to aesthetic deformation

About collagen

With age, the production of collagen in the skin decreases, and therefore, it begins to lose its elasticity and healthy color. All this leads to the formation of deep wrinkles, sagging and loss of clear contours. Thanks to the introduction of injections of pure collagen NITHYA you can not only slow down these processes, but also reverse them, triggering the production of new cells.

NITHYA collagen injections allow you to rejuvenate the skin, halt the aging process and start an active synthesis of useful substances in the cells.

Benefits of NITHYA Collagen Therapy

    Patented collagen extraction technology
    No allergy test is required before the procedure
    Exceptional level of cleanliness and safety

The protocol for the use of NITHYA injectable collagen allows you to activate the dermis regeneration process without peak stress on the skin, completely preserving healthy cell activity during the course of therapy to obtain an optimal result of three-dimensional biorestructuring

NITHYA collagen technology

NITHYA consists of microparticles of type I heterologous collagen, which has been isolated using an innovative technology invented and patented by Euroresearch.

Microparticles can be characterized as biomimetic. They actively stimulate fibroblasts and the production of procollagen fibers.

The extraction process does not alter the natural structure of the protein,
and does not include chemical cross-linking.

Collagen fiber retains its natural triple helix structure, molecular weight and molecular chain sequence, while eliminating any potential for allergies and complications.

NITHYA safety and hypoallergenicity

NITHYA safety and absolute hypoallergenicity is achieved by separating the triple collagen helix from the N and C terminal amino acids. Collagen fiber maintains its natural triple helix structure, molecular weight and molecular chain sequence, minimizing potential for allergies and complications.

Indications for the NITHYA collagen therapy procedure

  • Therapy of chrono- and photo aging of face, neck, décolleté, hands
  • Fine and pronounced wrinkles, including those around lips and eyes (perioral and periorbital zones)
  • Restoration of connective tissues of the dermis and hypodermis, stimulation of fibroblasts and mechanisms of new collagen synthesis to improve microcirculation, elasticity, skin color and eliminate wrinkles
  • Discollagenesis, restoration of the collagen frame of mature skin and tissue volumes
  • Correction of genetic defects such as skin diseases: acne, post-acne
  • Preparation for plastic surgeries, median exfoliation, laser resurfacing and subsequent recovery
  • Treatment of scars left after aesthetic surgery
  • Correction of scars and stretch marks (striae)
  • Acne, post-acne, sagging skin after aesthetic surgery and other skin defects

NITHYA injection zones

    Injections are intended for the face (forehead, between the eyebrows, the area around eyes and lips, nasolabial fold, jaw, chin), neck, décolleté and hands. The latter is the most relevant procedure. During the period when active hand washing and the use of antiseptics expose the delicate skin of the hands to additional stress, it needs special care.
    Correction of the body is carried out at the injection points in the décolleté area, arms, chest, upper and lower abdomen, buttocks and thighs, allowing you to get rid of a wide range of aesthetic imperfections.

Results of NITHYA collagen therapy

After a course of procedures, a significant improvement in skin condition and a visible rejuvenation effect are observed:

  • The number of wrinkles on the face, neck, décolleté and especially in the area of lips and eyes (perioral and periorbital zones) is significantly reduced
  • The contour of the face and the lost volume of tissues are restored, there is a lifting of the soft tissues of the face
  • The texture of the skin is improved and its tone is increased: the skin becomes firmer, smoother and more elastic
  • The water balance of the skin is restored: a healthy and cared-for look
  • Scars, cicatrices, stretch marks (striae) and other skin defects are reduced
  • Prevention of chrono- and photo aging of the skin of the face, neck, décolleté, hands

Contraindications for the use of NITHYA injections

  • Oncology disease and oncology disease in remission
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Inflammatory process in the area of intended injections
  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • Anticoagulant (blood thinners) therapy
  • Herpetic infection in the acute stage
  • Dermatological skin diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Acute or chronic viral infection or inflammation (herpes, acute respiratory infections)
  • Heart disease

Consult a doctor before NITHYA collagen therapy procedure!

About the manufacturer

Euroresearch s.r.l. (Italy) is a pharmaceutical holding founded in 1983. The company has an impeccable reputation as a reliable partner and a leading developer of collagen-containing products. The company’s portfolio includes a wide range of patented products developed based on its own laboratory and R&D department.

All products by Euroresearch s.r.l. are manufactured in accordance with the high standards of CE, ISO and GMP. For over 30 years Euroresearch s.r.l. successfully operates in the international market, and is represented in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Asia and the USA.

NITHYA is a Class III medical product, CE certified, approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Photo Before and After the NITHYA collagen therapy procedure


NITHYA collagen injections for face and body, Euroresearch (Italy)

NITHYA collagen injections for face and body
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