Permanent eyelids makeup «Stardust eyes» is an ideal option for a business lady. Every woman spends a lot of time trying to draw a clear line on the eyelid with a decorative pencil or eyeliner. Many people cannot find the right cosmetics, most of the products spread out under any whims of the weather. What can we say about a beach holiday, but every woman wants to look perfect in any conditions. But even the most expensive waterproof cosmetics will not provide a flawless appearance for a long time.

About the method of tattooing «Stardust eyes»

Tattooing «Stardust eyes» is one of the techniques of permanent eye makeup.
It is performed using a special device for permanent makeup, equipped with a disposable sterile needle-a cartridge.

Shadow contouring takes longer to create than other types of micropigmentation. In general, the eyelid tattooing session with shading lasts about 1.5 – 2 hours.

This method of applying pigment is characterized by a more complex execution and, in addition to technical skills, requires a creative approach from the master and the ability to correctly combine different shades.

Features of the «Stardust eyes» method

  • Tattooing «Stardust eyes» creates a feeling of light haze, as if the eyeliner was drawn with a powdery pencil or shadows.
  • The blurred contour and the right pigment allow you to visually enlarge the eyes, change their shape, make the eyelashes more magnificent, which guarantees a stunning result that will look appropriate at any time of the day.
  • This make up is especially suitable for girls with light eyes – the look becomes more penetrating.
  • The permanent is designed to correct deficiencies. For example, with close–set eyes, you can extend the lines of arrows for the outer corner, and by lifting their tips, soften the impression of overhanging eyelids, a slight asymmetry is also well amenable to correction.

Stages of the tattoo procedure «Stardust eyes»

  • At the first stage, all the nuances are discussed, the shade and design are selected. The master draws a sketch, after approval of which he starts working.
  • The skin is cleaned, an anesthetic is applied, so the procedure is painless.
  • Hypoallergenic pigment is injected with a sterile instrument under the skin into the upper layers of the epidermis.
  • The drawing is done point-by-point. With this introduction of paint into the epidermis, it is possible to adjust its intensity from a dense dark line along the growth of the upper eyelashes with a gradual color transition to rare, lighter, almost imperceptible points on the outer edge of the eyelid.
  • The smooth gradient can be of any color, depending on the client’s wishes.
  • The resulting effect is indistinguishable from makeup with eye shadow.
    The master does not draw clear lines and uses different shades.
  • The color of the permanent immediately after exposure will be brighter than a few days later, and will finally return to normal within a month.
  • It should be borne in mind that the most severe swelling of the eyelids occurs only on the second day after the treatment. The resulting crust lasts mainly one to two weeks, and then independently departs.
  • One of the most important rules for rapid healing and getting a good result is to refrain from tearing off dried scales, since there will be a gap in pigmentation at the place of their removal.

Recommendations for the tattoo procedure «Stardust eyes»

The procedure helps to hide certain congenital or acquired defects. Correction is amenable to such problems as:

  • Asymmetry
  • “Sad” look (lowered corners)
  • Pupils too bulging
  • Narrow cut
  • In-depth landing
  • Scars, small scars, consequences of surgical or plastic intervention

Advantages of tattooing «Stardust eyes»

  • Tutuage «Stardust eyes» is a combination of two techniques. It looks softer and more natural, thanks to which a unique image is formed.
  • Suitable for girls and women of any age.
  • The haze effect is an excellent disguise of fine wrinkles.
  • The eyelashes seem thicker, the look is attractive, the arrow emphasizes the beauty of the eyes.
  • Gives the look additional expressiveness and can serve as a basis for both everyday and festive images.
  • It will reduce the time for collecting and simplify the application of make-up.
  • Saves not only precious time, but also money for the purchase of pencils and liners.

Contraindications of the tattoo «Stardust eyes»

  • Hepatitis
  • ARVI
  • Hormonal failures
  • Skin inflammatory processes
  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • Ophthalmological problems of any nature, including conjunctivitis
  • Blood diseases
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Oncology and malignant neoplasms
  • Mental disorders and epilepsy
  • Active inflammatory processes
  • Infectious infections
  • The presence of colloidal scars
  • Will reward up to 18 years

Preparation for tattooing «Stardust eyes»

  • 7 days before the procedure, do not visit the solarium, the beach
  • The day before the tattoo, do not drink alcohol
  • Do not drink coffee and other energy drinks on the day of the session
  • In order for the pigment to be well fixed under the skin, avoid taking aspirin and other drugs that affect blood clotting.

Care after the procedure «Stardust eyes»

  • In the first 10-14 days, do not wet the skin around the eyes
  • Do not remove the resulting crusts
  • Treat the skin with chlorhexidine
  • Do not go to the sauna and swimming pool for 2 weeks
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • When going outside, wear wide sunglasses

Types of eye liner that we offer

  • Classical line «Classic eye liner». Suitable for women who like bright eye makeup. The dye is applied with a clear line. The thickness and shape of the arrow are selected depending on the desired effect, the location of the eyes and the type of appearance.
  • Decorative shading «Smoky eyes». The shadow effect on the outer corner is added to the clear line. This option should be chosen by girls with narrow and close-set eyes.
  • Inter-lash line «Soft liner» — in addition to the line extending beyond the border of the eyelid, you can fill the interstitial space with dye, which will give the eyelashes more volume and a rich color.
  • Line with shading «Stardust eyes». Together with an arrow with a feathering, a powder coating of the eyelids is made — this is a light or intense shadow, the color of which changes along the gradient. The color stretch can be black or colored. As a rule, shades close to the skin color are chosen to create a natural image.

We offer the following permanent makeup procedures:

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Shadow shading of the eyelids «Stardust eyes»
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