Baby DNA Test – To Develop a Healthy Lifestyle in your Child Special report for children

Recommendations on nutrition and physical activity for the proper development of the child.

Diagnostics – 12 genes.

  • Baby DNA Test is the right decision for responsible parents.
  • Baby DNA Test is recommended to pass before 12 years old. It examines only those genes that are most important for the development of the child.
  • Wellness  DNA Test is suitable for the older age, but can also be used for children with a future perspective.


Type of nutrition, intolerance to lactose and gluten, predisposition to sports.

You get:

  • Culture of healthy eating. Formation of proper eating habits from childhood, the identification of food intolerances and the need for Vitamins F, D and Omega-3.
  • Conscious choice of a sports group. Determination of innate qualities for choosing a promising field in sports and the optimal exercise regimen for healthy development.

Do general recommendations fail to work?

Send the child to bed until 21:00, give potato juice “for appetite” and declare war on chocolates and chips. Familiar tips, right?

Baby DNA Test will help you understand what exactly your child needs for full development and good health.

Unlike traditional tips, DNA Test recommendations take into account:

  • Individual nutrient and vitamin requirements
  • Features of eating behavior and habits
  • Gluten and lactose intolerance
  • Risk of malnutrition
  • Congenital sports ability

When is the DNA Test useful for a child?

  • You ant to avoid experimenting with children’s health. Health, nutrition, daily routine, sports.
  • You noticed that not all products are suitable for your child. Intolerance to dairy and cereal products, food allergies.
  • You want to take care of strong immunity and good academic performance. Adjust your diet, find out individual nutritional needs and disease risks.
  • You want to consciously choose a specialized sports club. A type of physical activity based on innate athletic qualities.
  • You build the right habits for the future. Eating behavior, healthy lifestyle.
  • You help your child improve the mood without video games and gadgets. Choosing the right specialized sports club, developing concentration.

Onece and forever

Genes do not change. At any time, information on the hereditary potential of the body will help your child adjust his/her lifestyle and choose the right solution.

DNA Test for children is a lifelong contribution to their development.

Molecular biologists recommendation.

Making a children’s DNA Test is useful at any age of the child. The ideal time to start a lifestyle according to genetic needs is before entering kindergarten or school. This will help strengthen immunity and stimulate energy at a time when children need strength for development and communication. “Art of Beauty” recommends that parents of teenagers choose one of the rates for an adult DNA Test to tell the child how bad habits can affect his/her health.

Expert Opinion

Children’s body is not a field for experimentation. The sooner parents understand this, the greater the chance that the child will grow up healthy and successful. The fastest way to find out the features and needs of your child is to do the DNA Test.

Baby DNA Test report for parents is a loyal assistant on the long journey of diversified development of the child, which will help to avoid mistakes and dangerous experiments.

Lyudmila Seledtsova
Practicing Dietitian, Pediatrician, mother of three children.

31 report pages

Baby DNA Test Kit

Baby - 12 genes
    Child Development.

Baby DNA test is recommended for children under 12. Testing allows you to adjust the diet taking into account food intolerances, choose the most suitable specialized sports club.

Baby DNA Report consists of 31 pages and contains sections:

  • Genotype based diet
  • Body’s response to gluten and lactose
  • Sports potential and recommendations for choosing a sport
  • Personal workout mode.
290.00 EUR
31 report pages



Expert - 55 genes
140 report pages
640.00 €
Wellness - 32 genes
62 report pages
530.00 €
Beauty - 34 genes
100 report pages
530.00 €
Smile - 26 gēni
47 report pages
390.00 €
Feminity - 19 genes
60 report pages
350.00 €
Fit - 17 genes
40 report pages
320.00 €
Immunity - 12 genes
40 report pages
290.00 €
Baby - 12 genes
31 report pages
290.00 €
Neuro - 10 genes
53 report pages
290.00 €
Light - 7 genes
23 report pages
230.00 €
2Genes - 2 genes
10 report pages
130.00 €

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