Revofil AquaShine BTX 2ml – dermoregulator, the effect resembles the action of Botox.

AquaShine BTX is a bioreparant of the Revofil line, which is developed by a unique technique in the laboratory of Caregen CO., LTD (South Korea).

This manufacturer is a recognized world leader in the field of nano-compounds and cell growth factors.

  • AquaShine BTX reduces the activity of mimic muscles, the effect resembles the action of Botox.
  • AquaShine BTX provides maximum lifting – an effect that occurs 2 weeks after the procedure.
  • AquaShine BTX refreshes and improves the complexion, blocks the appearance of pigment spots and eliminates existing ones.

AquaShine BTX Description:

AquaShine BTX is a relaxant, an analogue of type A botulinum toxin (Botox), which does not contain toxins. It blurs away small, deep wrinkles and prevents the appearance of new ones, gives a young look to the skin. At the same time, facial expressions are not blocked, remaining mobile.

Due to the unique peptide complex and hyaluronic acid, the product actively stimulates the synthesis of new collagen and prevents its destruction, which leads to a rapid increase in the density and elasticity of the skin, muscles and fascia.

AquaShine BTX Feature:

AquaShine BTX has an updated formula with anti-aging peptide components that reduce muscle activity in facial expressions, prevents the breakdown of collagen fibers and stimulates the development of new ones, thus providing a unique effect – a balance of lifting and relaxation.

AquaShine BTX Composition and Action:

AquaShine BTX combines more than 50 active substances and components, providing a pronounced lifting effect and antioxidant protection.

  • Hyaluronic acid effectively moisturizes the dermis from the inside, accumulates and holds fluid in the fibers, stimulates the synthesis of collagen;
  • Vitamins of the A, B, C, E, K group give the skin a radiant look and provide antioxidant effect;
  • Minerals protect from the negative effects of the environment;
  • Coenzymes restore the body’s enzyme systems;
  • Amino acids provide the process of protein synthesis with “building material”;
  • Nucleic acids create new DNAs in the process of cell division.

Unique peptide complex consisting of:

  • Oligopeptide-34 TGP-2 provides skin lightening, enhanced anti-pigment and antioxidant effects, a significant increase in collagen and elastin levels, prevents photo-aging;
  • Acetyl Decapeptide-3 Rejuline provides anti-aging effect due to stimulation of the proliferation and migration of fibroblasts and the proliferation of keratinocytes, thus increasing the elasticity of the skin, preventing ptosis);
  • Oligopeptide-24 EDP-3 provides reduction of wrinkles and scars due to the growth of new cells, an increase in the level of keratinocytes and fibroblasts, the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and elastin, is a key component for the renewal of skin structures;
  • Oligopeptida-72 Bustrin prevents new wrinkles and reduces existing ones due to the inhibition of hyaluronidase and the synthesis of new cells, increases the activity of fibroblasts by 4 times;
  • Oligopeptid-51 Purilux is the “golden secret” of skin bioregulation, regulates melanin and fat metabolism, has a pronounced anti-pigment effect, activates receptors of melanin blockers, narrows pores by reducing the production of sebum;
  • Oligopeptide-23 provides cellular metabolism and the formation of new skin cells.

AquaShine BTX Indications:

  • Restoration or preparation for laser resurfacing and plastic surgery;
  • Dehydration of the skin (skin dehydration);
  • Reduced skin elasticity;
  • Ptosis (omission of soft tissues);
  • Dull complexion;
  • Pigmentation;
  • Enlarged pores;
  • Appearance of wrinkles of different depths, skin pinches;
  • Alignment of the skin texture;
  • Scars and pitted acne scars, stria;
  • Supportive treatment in the composition of Botox therapy and muscle relaxation.

As a result of AquaShine BTX bioreparation, the following effects will be observed in the client within the first 2 weeks:

  • Visual lifting and effect of “tightening” of an oval;
  • Increased skin elasticity;
  • Significant reduction of rashes and spots on the skin;
  • Narrowing of the pores;
  • Deep hydration of the skin;
  • Skin rejuvenation;
  • Antioxidant protection;
  • Elimination of wrinkles (crow’s feet, wrinkles in the area of the eyebrows, forehead, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, folds in the corners of the lips and on the chin);
  • Prevention of the appearance of new wrinkles and photo aging.

AquaShine BTX Contraindications:

  • Oncological and somatic diseases;
  • Allergic reactions to the components of the product;
  • Propensity to formation of cheloid scars;
  • Problems with blood clotting;
  • Acceptance of certain drugs;
  • Pregnancy and lactation;
  • Infectious and skin diseases;
  • Acute infectious diseases;
  • Persons under 18.

AquaShine BTX Application:

  • Therapeutic course: 3 procedures every 4 weeks;
  • Intensive course: 6 procedures with an interval of 2 weeks.
  • To maintain the effect: 2-3 procedures per year.

The course is chosen depending on age, skin texture and skin problems.

Not recommended within 2 weeks after the AquaShine BTX procedure:

  • Exposure to UV rays;
  • Sauna, solarium, swimming pool;
  • Aggressive cosmetology procedures (laser resurfacing, chemical peels, etc.).


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Bioreparation with Revofil AquaShine BTX, Caregen CO., LTD (South Korea)

Bioreparation Revofil AquaShine BTX 2ml
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AppointmentBioreparation with Revofil AquaShine BTX 2ml, dermoregulator, Caregen CO, LTD (South Korea)