Nano-medicine of the future: trans-dermal delivery using nanoparticles in Cell Fusion C cosmeceutics (South Korea).

Being the official representative of Cell Fusion C (South Korea) cosmeceutical company, Art of Beauty welcomes you to estimate all the advantages of innovative beauty technology!

About the Company

One of the leading cosmeceutical companies “CMS International” (South Korea) developed a unique way to deliver active elements into deep skin layers, solving skin problems. Cosmeceutical products brand Cell Fusion C is the result of detailed research and application of nanotechnology.

Cell Fusion C line concept

“Cell Fusion C / Cell membrane Structure” — professional cosmeceutical line of intensive treatment, directed on normalization of metabolic processes in skin cells. The line was created in 2001 in cooperation with biologists, dermatologists, biochemists and plastic surgeons of South Korea.

Innovations in active ingredients area and trans-dermal delivery of encapsulated biologically active elements were applied as a basis of development.

Priority goals of Cell Fusion C products are: the recovery of natural skin lipid barrier. Special CMS technology (delivery of active ingredients) allows quickly and effectively deal with this task.

 CMS technology is based on:

  • developments in trans-dermal delivery of biologically active elements area;
  • application of informative molecules for the skin cells recovery;
  • application of components, increasing the completion of cellular membrane lipids and natural structure of epidermal lipids.

Double liposome is a patented CMS-carrier. Double liposome allows transportation of water-soluble component, included inside, trough the epidermal lipids of horny layer.

Cell Fusion C double Nano liposome:

  • Double Nano-liposome is responsible for transportation of active elements into the deep skin layers directly to the living cells and is being an exclusive development of “CMS International” Company.
  • Double Nano-liposome is two vesicles being put one inside the other.
  • Hydrophilic substances are being encapsulated in vesicle cavities, lipophilic – in membrane. Diameter of external Nano-liposome is not exceeding 200 nm, internal – 30-50 nm.

How double Nano-liposome works:

When entering the skin, lipids of external Nano-liposome are “dissolved” in lipids of horny layer, recovering it protective barrier functions. Internal vesicle penetrates deeper, delivering the active elements to the targets – to living cells membranes.

Lipid content of Nano-liposome membranes in “CellFusion C” products is similar to the lipid content of membranes of living skin cells and is developed with care about problems it will have to “solve”. In cooperation with Nano-liposomes, lipid content and functional condition of cellular membranes could change, that is why intracellular transportation of biologically active components is easier and metabolic processes within the cell are being activated.

Double Nano-liposome is being able to provide:

  • Protection of biologically active elements;
  • Absolute stability of active ingredients of cosmetic composition;
  • Necessary speed and deepness of infiltration into the skin;
  • Necessary speed of migration of active elements;
  • Creation of biological complexes of active elements, stable during the whole term of storage.

The following elements were used in “Cell Fusion C” products as active encapsulated elements:

  • Pure vitamins (C, A (retinol), E, K, В5);
  • Molecular oxygen;
  • NMF natural moisturizing factor;
  • ceramides;
  • amino acids;
  • glycosaminoglycan;
  • coenzyme Q10, idebenonum;
  • β-glycan;
  • regulatory peptides;
  • Botanical growth factor;
  • “Bioplacent”;
  • adenosine;
  • hydrolysed collagen and elastin;
  • bioflavonoids;

The list includes more than 100 active elements.

Cell Fusion C Cosmetic products are developed to solve the following issues:

  • skin cleansing;
  • pores contraction;
  • – acne-therapy;
  • – depigmentation treatment;
  • – active lifting treatment;
  • – deep skin hydration;
  • – anti-stress skin care;
  • – skin protection from UV-rays;
  • – anti-aging therapy, active correction of existing wrinkles and prevention of new ones, correction of facial contours.

Production of this brand is high-technology, so it causes normalization effect to the skin exchange processes in the first place:

  • Nano-encapsulated serums are enriched with immunomodulation elements, stimulating elaboration of elastin in cellular matrix.
  • “Vita+” line with L-ascorbic acid, having whitening and antioxidant effect. Clinical studies showed that “Vita+” products are inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase, preventing the pigmented spots. Elaboration of sebum is being decreased for 58% and skin hydration level is being increased (up to 80%).
  • Oxygen serums decrease the vascular permeability, increases blood microcirculation thanks to the encapsulated oxygen.
  • Spa-products with high concentration of very rare K vitamin will help to recover the skin after mesa-therapy, laser therapy, photo-rejuvenation.
  • Laser Rejuvenation” line. Lactic bacteria essences are regulating exchange processes and recovers skin protective functions.
  • Series of products with L – ascorbic acid (high concentration up to 30%) will help to protect the skin after chemical peelings, laser correction, will remove hyperpigmentation.
  • Gel masks with ceramides prevents trans-epidermal loss of moisture, evens up the facial contours.


  • Helps to recover damaged skin barrier;
  • Normalize skin cells exchange processes;
  • Prevents the premature skin ageing;
  • Provides cellular therapy by delivering necessary elements to the deep skin layers (essential after chemical peelings, plastic surgeries, laser peelings and other procedures, leading to the destruction of skin coating integrity and appearance of red areas);
  • Provides prolonged effect;
  • Hypo-allergic, contains no cytotoxic surface-active materials, damaging the integrity of epidermal barrier, contains no solvents, perfumes and preservatives;
  • Decreases tyrosinase activity for 74% (copper contains an essence regulating the melanin synthesis);
  • Decreases sebum secretion level for 58%;
  • Up to 80% increases skin hydration (after 4 weeks of application);
  • Decreases wrinkles (up to 59% from total length of wrinkles on the face).
  • In 4 weeks the skin is rejuvenated, having even tone and looks young.

Main advantages of application of Cell Fusion C cosmetic products:

“Cell Fusion C” line solves a wide spectre of dermatologic problems and is being presented in 120 products: Nano-liposomal cleansing and tonic products, recovering emulsions, creams, serums, masks, glycol Nano-peelings combined by regulating peptides, amino acids, essences.

Products were developed with due consideration of skin biological resource, constitutional type and ageing measures, allowing to create 25 basic professional programmes for skin function regeneration and normalization.

Programs with application of high-concentrated composite Nano-peelings, aimed on depigmentation, couperosis prevention, shape of facial contours and reduction of wrinkles, rehabilitation after plastic surgeries and invasive procedure, multi-level hydration, solving of acne and post-acne problems.

Redness of facial skin, appearance of enlarged vessels on nose, cheekbones and cheeks — is a problem, troubling most of middle-aged women and men.

Reasons of this problem are: heredity, system diseases, systematic damage of epidermal barrier and the disorder of innervation of vessels, their constant distension and feebleness of blood circulation as a result.


This programme is intended to care of any types of skin with underlying risk for couperosis and rosacea. Helps strengthening blood vessels, improve microcirculation and prevent the appearance of new telangiectasia. Provides anti-inflammatory and soothing effect.

Among important cosmetological effect:

  • Barrier function recovery;
  • Prevention of signs of couperosis;

Skin treatment method is intended to solve the following issues:

  • To improve condition of damaged skin for prevention of couperosis;
  • Increase of skin immune and antioxidant status;
  • Strengthening of vessel walls;
  • Regeneration of skin immune system activity;
  • Decrease of congestive inflammation around vessels.

It is recommended for undergoing once per week, course: 6 — 10 procedures.
Supporting course
: 1 procedure per month.

Oily skin is characterized by increased activity of sebaceous glands, sebum content change, thickening of horny layer. Greyish skin colour, visible oily sheen, rough surface, enlarged pores, inflammation zones – this is an incomplete list of signs, specific to oily skin.

In case of lack of adequate care, visible changes of skin are developing (post acne) – enlarged pores, congestive spots, scars and hyperpigmentation.


To treat and prevent concrete and oily seborrhea, pores contraction, prevention of “black spots” (comedones).

Provided medical and prevention programme “Deep clarifying” is also urgent for different forms of acne.

The following products were included in oily skin with acne care programme:

  • Sebo-regulating
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • regenerating
  • lipid barrier recovering
  • hydrating


  • normalisation of keratinisation and sebum secretion processes,
  • skin protective and regenerating abilities recovered,
  • increase of immune resistance.

It is recommended for undergoing once per week, course: 6 — 10 procedures.
Supporting course: 1 procedure per month

Changes of all stages are happening with a human body with aging. Exchange processes in tissues are slowing down, the body is step-by-step preparing to the climacterical period on cellular level (decrease of sex hormones). All these changes are not visible for human, but are followed by visual changes on facial skin afterwards.


Complex rejuvenating programme “Intensive rejuvenation and facial contours modelling programme” with prolonged effect is intended to regulate the youth keeping processes, turgor strengthening, collagenation and elastin secretion, lifting and skin shining.

50% glycolic peeling combined with peptides is used in the programme.

Thanks to regulating peptides (aluminous compounds, effective for moisture keeping and fixing), lifting effect is visible after the procedure.

Glycolic encapsulated Nano-peelings “Cell Fusion C”:

“Сell Fusion C” Nano-peelings — are high-tech compositions of glycolic acid (70–75%) with biologically active elements, encapsulated to trans-dermal Nano-carriers: Nano-liposomes, niosomes, cyclodextrins. Encapsulation allows keeping components biological activity, provides infiltration directly to skin cells and mutual influence with cellular membranes.

Glycolic acid of high-concentration is activating all the skin structural elements, provides maximum efficiency of active elements, directed to the cellular therapy and regeneration of whole skin structure in general.

”Cell Fusion C” composite peelings are being selected for each client individually, depending on the condition of the skin:

”Flower Peel”

For ageing, dry (sebum-deficit, dehydrated) skin with decreased biological resource.
Course 6-8 procedures.

”Rose Peel”

For photo-damaged skin with hyperkeratosis and acne (comedogenic form and post acne), visible depigmentation effect. Immunomodulation effect.
Course 6-8 procedures.

“Perfect Glycolic Peel”

For all skin types, for 30-35 y.o. clients; provides rejuvenating and visible lifting effect.
Course 6-8 procedures.

Expectation effects:

  • levelling of facial skin colour and relief;
  • even facial contours;
  • turgor increase (hydration) and skin elasticity;
  • decrease of deep and elimination of small wrinkles;
  • intensively rejuvenating skin cells;
  • antigravity effect — lifting effect;
  • comfort feeling, skin becomes smooth and silky by-touch.


Antioxidant care to prevent exactly the reasons of ageing is urgent to regenerate the skin of “office employee” and smoker.

Recommended once a week, course: 6 — 10 procedures.
Supporting course
: 1 procedure per month

Skin appearance depends largely on hydration.

Moisture is not only the main structure element, but also a substance, providing skin functional activity. Skin moisture balance depends on several external and internal factors and is being delicately regulated on all levels. Abnormality of these procedures leads to the loss of elasticity, appearance of pigmented spots, sloughing and roughness of the skin.


Hydration, regeneration and nourishing; programme is also useful for sensitive skin and for recovery after sunbathing.

Moisture balance is being normalized as the result of programme, the skin looks smooth, mated, without sloughing zones, even by colour, epidermal lipid layers are strengthened.

Skin hydration method is intended to solve the following issues:

  • recovery and regeneration of epidermal lipid layers’ structure;
  • regeneration of natural hydration factor within the horny layer;
  • horny layer hydration with hygroscopic products;
  • dehydration prevention;
  • enrichment of the skin; it will become smooth, mated, without sloughing zones and even by tone.

Recommended to undergo once per week, course: 6 — 10 procedures.
Supporting course
: 1 procedure per month.

The reason of pigmented spots is local increasing of melanogenesis, which is depending on such factors like genetic predisposition, endocrine profile changes, ultraviolet rays, inflammatory processes in the skin.

Pigmentation treatment requires individual approach – it is crucial to be aware, when the spots appeared, what was the reason for their appearance, how the skin reacts to solar radiation.


Depigmentation” programme was created to prevent pigmentations and decrease the secretion of tyrosinase under the influence of ultra violet.

The programme consists of Vita+ line programme with whitening and antioxidant effect.

Clinical studies have proven, that Vita+ line product are inhibiting tyrosinase activity for 74%, preventing the pigmented spots. Sebum secretion level is also being decreased for 58% and skin hydration level is being increased up to 80%.

The elements of the programme are including as follows:

  • arbutin — mighty element, interferes melanin synthesis, responsible for skin pigmentation, combined with bisabolol, arbutin whitens the skin, providing even and healthier colouring;
  • antioxidants — Е vitamin and macadamia oil – protects skin cells not only from UV-rays, but also from devastating free radicals, causing oxidative processes;
  • lecithin, shea butter and hyaluronic acid are solving nourishing and hydration issues;

Combination of famous and well-regarded cosmetic components: glycolic, lactic, kojic acid, retinol and C vitamin С.

Expected effects:

  • regeneration of skin barrier functions, prevention of hyperpigmentation
  • prevention of ageing changes;
  • increase of turgor and skin elasticity;
  • whitening of hyperpigmentation and levelling it by tone, including after laser therapy;
  • protection from negative effects of environment from different kinds of rays;
  • prevention and elimination of solar damages;
  • elimination of acne eruption;

Recommended to undergo once per week, course: 6 — 10 procedures.
Supporting course: 1 procedure per month.


Medical and prevention programmes on Cell Fusion C cosmeceutics (South Korea)

“Couperosis prevention and treatment” Programme
90.00 €
”Deep clarifying” programme, care of oily skin with acne problems
90.00 €
”Intensive rejuvenation and facial contours modelling” programme, anti-ageing therapy with prolonged aftereffect
90.00 €
”Prolonged deep skin hydration and regeneration”
90.00 €
”Depigmentation” programme, pigmented skin care
90.00 €

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