The Art of Beauty medical aesthetic cosmetology center offers fillers of high-viscosity gels on the basis of the TEOSYAL hyaluronic acid from the TEOXANE laboratory (Switzerland), the characteristics of which are close to stable face implants: they reliably maintain the form, do not change their location after injection and save excellent results for a long time.

About contour correction

Contour correction is the injectable technique of elimination of wrinkles and correction of face contours based on the filling of subcutaneous cavities with special preparations (fillers).

Today, the contour correction reached the level that it allows specialists to literally “fashion” desired facial contours – to create prominent cheekbones, an ideally smooth transition between nasolabial and lacrimonasal areas and cheeks, attractive expressive lips, a clearly outlined chin.

  • What are purposes of the contour correction?

It is important to understand that the contour correction is first of all directed at the achievement of an outer, aesthetic effect. Some therapeutic results, such as the stimulation of collagen and elastin development by an organism, also occur, however, if the issue concerns the fight against internal signs of aging, it will be more correct to use such procedures as PRP – plasmotherapy RegenLab, bioreparation, biorevitalization and IPL photorejuvenation.

The contour correction allows to:

  • Eliminate practically all types of wrinkles and folds (except the deep “structural” ones);
  • Increase lips and correct their form;
  • Create the volume of any part of the face (cheeks, chin, cheekbones, tip of the nose and others);
  • Eliminate asymmetry in facial features;
  • The procedure is effective not only in the area of the face, but also in the neck, decollete area, and also to treat the skin on hands and knees.

About the Laboratory

The TEOXANE laboratory was created in 2003 in Geneva and specializes in the development and production of hyaluronic injectable dermal fillers.

Thanks to the success supported with high quality of the products, creative approach, permanent developments and innovations, Teoxane is popular in more than 90 countries of the world.
TEOXANE is known as an indisputable leader in the market of dermal fillers and takes the third place in terms of production of hyaluronic fillers over the past few years.

The TEOXANE laboratory patented the technology (OMPS) allowing to exercise complete control over parameters of the reticulation of hyaluronic acid (temperature, conditions, cleaning, etc.), cleanness, product quality.

Controlling all the above parameters, the TEOXANE laboratory develops the products with progressive and specific rheological properties, increased/decreased concentration of hyaluronic acid, allowing specialists to use a full spectrum of preparations for special indications.

Injectable hyaluronic acid preparations already managed to show themselves to good advantage; they are used in aesthetic medicine and cosmetology for several years because the external signs of skin aging are connected with loss of hyaluronic acid.

What does the TEOSYAL line consist of?

The main active TEOSYAL component traditionally is non-animal hyaluronic acid. When the acid gets under the skin, it starts accumulating water molecules around itself, and as a result wrinkles are smoothed.
Molecules of the acid are connected among themselves so strongly that the disintegration of their compounds is slow. It explains the long effect after the TEOSYAL contour correction.

Benefits of the filler

The producers consider that the main advantage of the filler is its purest hyaluronic acid. Properties of the acid that is in this preparation are not just conforming to the European pharmacological standards. They exceed the required norms by several points, i.e., the acid is even purer than it must be according to the law. Therefore, probability of any complications after the TEOSYAL injection is much lower than after an injection with other fillers.

In addition, the TEOSYAL filler produces an effect that remains for up to 12 months. And it is a rather long term because average fillers guarantee the result only for 6-8 months.
Besides, if to perform supportive care, the effect produced from the use of TEOSYAL can be prolonged.

The store of TEOSYAL has the widest range of injectable preparations on the basis of hyaluronic acid, including with 0.3% lidocaine (provides local anesthesia and promotes preserving of filler integrity), allowing to successfully solve any problem:

  • Intensive volume
  • Soft modeling;
  • Lip remodeling;
  • Intensive filling;
  • Correction of lines of the first wrinkles;
  • Additional volume;
  • Quick result of filling;
  • Skin biorevitalization;
  • Skin moistening and regeneration, repair of active cells.

Besides, there are preparations with unstabilized and partly stabilized hyaluronic acid supplementing the range of possibilities for specialists to return the lost youth to the patient.
For example, it is possible to achieve brilliant results in the correction of lacrimonasal sulci and the elimination of dark rings under eyes, remove small eyelid hernias.

The research conducted by the laboratory showed that 100% of patients are satisfied with aesthetic result of the procedure.


  • patented technologies;
  • optimal reticulation level;
  • availability of a wide range of preparations for each indication.


  • complete control over production process;
  • experience of clinical use for more than 5 years;
  • more than 1.5 million injected syringes;
  • Because of the total control over the production of hyaluronic fillers, TEOXANE is known for the quality and the high level of safety of its products.

Clinical use for more than 5 years, more than 1.5 million injected syringes, level of side effects is less than 1/15000 (one of the lowest ones in the market of dermal fillers) and independent clinical trials show optimal safety, minimum level of post-injectable inflammation when introducing dermal fillers of the TEOSYAL range.


  • monophasic gel for increased resistance to free radicals;
  • long duration of action (till 18 months);
  • The TEOSYAL gels are monophasic, homogenized clean products providing increased resistance to free radicals that are responsible for resorption of hyaluronic acid and reduce the correction effect of the gels.

The range of the TEOSYAL dermal fillers is known for the duration of action, average 12 to 18 months for the volume products.

The independent research conducted by Dr. S.J. Falcone et al, which was recently published in Dermatologic Surgery (2009), shows that TEOSYAL Ultra Deep is the filler with the longest duration of action among other 18 fillers that are available in the market.

Today, these methods are well worked through and offered by a number of firms. Making the choice, it is important to understand that difference is first of all in the preparation formula. Their physical properties depend on the molecular weight, concentration and degree of stabilization of hyaluronic acid. In particular, if to speak about gel fillers, these characteristics determine their ability to fill tissues and create the volume on the place of wrinkles.

The number and periodicity of treatment sessions are determined individually.
The cost of the procedure depends on the volume of the used product.

*To ensure an ideal result, the TEOXANE laboratory developed an exclusive line of agents for face care, sensitive zone around eyes, neck, decollete area.
They comprise elastic hyaluronic acid, 8 amino acids, 3 antioxidants, minerals, vitamin B6. These cosmeceuticals themselves have the rejuvenating effect, and in combination with injectable procedures, before and after them, ensure the high level of results.

The TEOXANE agents for care at home have the anti-inflammatory and calming effect, accelerate cellular regeneration of skin, and create pleasant feeling of comfort right after the procedure.

The product line includes

  • cream highlighter around eyes;
  • post-injectable emulsion;
  • individual set of three mini products for skin care after procedures;
  • cleansing lotion;
  • regenerating concentrate;
  • rejuvenating cream;
  • night rejuvenating cream;
  • deep Recovery balm;
  • night adapting cream peeling.



Teosyal PureSense Redensity 2
Correction of lacrimonasal sulci and dark circles under eyes: - dark circles under eyes connected with availability of infra-orbital sulci (lacrimal, palpebromalar); - thin lines of wrinkles.
320.00 €
Teosyal PureSense Deep Line
Intensive filling: - deep wrinkles; - correction of an expressed nasolabial fold; - correction of 'marionette folds.'
280.00 €
Teosyal PureSense First Line
Correction of the first wrinkles: - thin lines of wrinkles; - crow's feet at eyes; - perioral lines; - linear wrinkles in glabellar area.
210.00 €
Teosyal PureSense Kiss
Lip remodeling: - correction of lip line; - increase in volume of lips; - filling of corners of the mouth.
310.00 €
Teosyal PureSense Ultimate 1
Intensive volume: - remodeling of a face contour; - creation of missing volume.
310.00 €
Teosyal PureSense Ultimate 2
Intensive volume: - remodeling of a face contour; - creation of missing volume.
530.00 €
Teosyal PureSense Ultimate 3
Intensive volume: - remodeling of a face contour; - creation of missing volume.
610.00 €
Teosyal PureSense Ultra Deep
Soft modeling: - volume remodeling; - reduction of deep folds.
310.00 €
Teosyal PureSense Global Action
Quick result of filling. Filling of medium-depth wrinkles: - correction of nasolabial folds; - wrinkles in glabellar area; - perioral wrinkles. - Correction of lip line. - Increase in volume of lips.
280.00 €
Teosyal Touch up
Additional volume: - supportive treatment sessions for all areas of the face.
200.00 €

*Procedūras cena ir atkarīga no izmantotā produkta apjoma.

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