PRINCESS® Croma Pharma is a non-surgical, aesthetic anti-aging injection that guarantees minimum recovery time and immediate, natural results with prolonged action.

PRINCESS® products were developed by the pharmaceutical concern Croma Pharma (Austria), which has been manufacturing cosmetics products for more than 35 years.

PRINCESS® products consist of hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin, that is, they are completely hypoallergenic and absolutely biocompatible with the human body.

PRINCESS® delicately, absolutely evenly distributes in the tissues, naturally smoothing the skin. The gel is monophasic, which provides plasticity and a stable injection profile.

PRINCESS® products have a high safety profile.

PRINCESS® Advantage

PRINCESS® products are manufactured according to the S.M.A.R.T. (Supreme Monophasic and Reticulated Technology) proprietary patented technology.
This system provides a high degree of purification and a unique method of homogenization (uniformity) of cross-linked and non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid, which provides a stable 3D structure.

Hyaluronic acid obtained by the S.M.A.R.T. technology is able to recognize interstitial voids and evenly distribute in them, providing the most natural correction effect.

The line of PRINCESS® fillers for contouring includes two products:

Princess® Filler – for the correction of small and medium wrinkles, as well as for the delicate improvement of the contours.

Princess® Filler Indications

    Princess® Filler is intended to inject into the middle and deep layers of the dermis for:

    • Correction of superficial and medium-deep wrinkles
    • Increase in volume and lip contour formation
    • Creating stiffeners
    • Sculptural face correction
    • Nasolabial fold correction
    • Scar correction
    • Rejuvenation

    Princess® Filler Result

    • Lips
      1. A clear and very natural contour will emphasize the brightness and personality of your lips without significant changes in your appearance.
        Contour correction allows you to change both the shape and volumetric relief of the lips according to your desire. Princess® Filler will do this very neatly and beautifully.
    • Face
      1. The Princess® Filler dermal filler can be used to create a support frame and clear contours of the face shape.
        Princess® Filler can help smooth out the imbalance in proportions and create a clear oval. Quickly and for a long time you can improve your forms and create beautiful clear contours that are characteristic only of a young face.
    • Eyes
      1. Wrinkles around the eyes, slightly drooping eyebrows and a deep relief of the tear groove always create a deceptive picture of excessive fatigue and fading youthfulness and vigor.
        Princess® Filler very carefully smoothes the relief under the eyes and wrinkles around the eyes, raises eyebrows and makes your look open, full of energy and freshness.
    • Nasolabial line
      1. The highly visible nasolabial line from your nose to the corners of your mouth often gives your face an angry expression. Princess® Filler neatly and very naturally straightens the relief of this area and eliminates all the visual signs of discontent on your face.
    • Forehead
      1. These wrinkles are called the lines of surprise or concern. Active facial expressions during a conversation, accompanied by raising eyebrows and a surprised expression of the eyes bring us unpleasant surprises – over time, longitudinal and fairly deep wrinkles appear on the forehead, which we try to hide behind the bangs.
        Princess® Filler will quickly and beautifully help your skin cope with this difficult task and with thick conspirator-bangs.
    • Crow’s feet
      1. The wrinkles around the eyes can upset even the most cheerful lady. Princess® Filler injections are the fastest and most delicate way to smooth the skin around your laughing eyes.
    • Glabellar area
      1. Glabellar lines easily give out our discontent or grief. They are also called the lines of the proud. The lingering habit of frowning leaves a deep mark on the face in the form of such glabellar deep wrinkles. And even a smile will not be able to correct the expression on the face, which by definition will be dominated by wrinkles of frown.
        Princess® Filler will help smooth out these unwanted lines and bring back an expression of joy and satisfaction to your face.
    • Lip corners
      1. Your expression of joy and happiness on your face may be prevented by the smallest, but very capricious detail – wrinkles of sadness, i.e. lowered corners of the mouth.
        Correction with a minimal amount of Princess® Filler will help to raise the corners of the mouth, changing the line of the mouth as you wish.
        This will immediately change your image and return a happy and joyful radiance to your face.

    PRINCESS® Volume — to fill in deep wrinkles and significant volumes

    Lip augmentation treatment PRINCESS® Volume gives the most aesthetic and natural result.
    PRINCESS® Volume is suitable for any type of skin, and, most importantly, even for the youngest.

    PRINCESS® Volume Indications

    PRINCESS® Volume is intended for injection into the subdermal and deep layers of the dermis:

    • Correction of severe skin depressions, return to skin elasticity
    • Modeling of medium and deep wrinkles, nasolabial folds
    • Correction of the shape of the lips, giving them additional volume, correction of asymmetry (congenital or acquired)
    • Raising the lowered corners of the lips
    • Elimination of “puppet wrinkles”, “crow’s feet”, lacrimal grooves
    • Cheek relief restoration
    • Eyebrow lifting, eyebrow restoration
    • Face contour correction
    • Acne elimination
    • Skin bio-reinforcement

    PRINCESS® Volume Result

    • Lips
      1. If the proportions of the lower and upper lips are unbalanced, an increase in the volume of only one of the lips will make it possible to generally change the proportions of the face and make the lips more full and attractive.
    • Face
      1. The relief and volume of the cheeks require delicate restoration and alignment with plastic PRINCESS® Volume. Injection of PRINCESS® Volume for cheek correction gives an immediate visual result. At the same time, it does not deform the cheek relief during mimic movements and gently fills in the face volume in this zone.
    • Eyes
      1. Using PRINCESS® Volume, you can easily lift your eyebrows with the restoration of the soft relief of the brow arc. This allows you to make your look more open and youthful without surgical intervention, giving a younger and more energetic expression to your face.
    • Crow’s feet
      1. PRINCESS® Volume injections are the fastest and most delicate way to smooth the skin around your laughing eyes.
    • Lip corners
      1. Correction with a minimal amount of PRINCESS® Volume will help to raise the corners of the mouth, changing the line of the mouth as you wish.
    • Cheeks
      1. Injection of PRINCESS® Volume for cheek correction gives an immediate visual result. At the same time, PRINCESS® Volume does not deform the relief of the cheeks during mimic movements and gently fills in the face volume in this area.

    Contraindications to the use of PRINCESS®:

    • Allergy to the components of the treatment
    • Violation of blood coagulation processes
    • Age up to 18 years;
    • Epilepsy
    • Acute or exacerbation of a chronic disease
    • Oncology
    • Oncology in remission
    • Diabetes
    • Pregnancy and lactation
    • Autoimmune diseases
    • The tendency to form keloid scars



    Princess® Filler
    250.00 €
    PRINCESS® Volume
    260.00 €

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