This procedure is called non-invasive blepharoplasty.

X-Lite Biopotential (Germany) is a recent development of specialists in the non-invasive influence for the purpose of rejuvenation, skin tightening, activation of the processes of regeneration, synthesis of collagen and elastin.

The X-Lite Biopotential (Germany) system uses a combination of effective technologies, such as radio-frequency (RF) energy, microvibration, light energy of a few types and their special spectra.

A perfect combination of energy with special spectra, radio frequencies, microvibration effectively influence directly collagen, fibroblasts and mitochondria (batteries of our skin). It recovers the primary function of mitochondria – synthesis of ATP, a universal form of chemical energy in cells.

It is possible to get an unprecedented anti age effect, especially in the problem zone around eyes.

The visible result can be received after the first procedure – it is one of the main differences of this apparatus in comparison with others.

Indications to the procedure:

  • wrinkles around eyes, “crow’s feet”
  • decreased skin resilience around eyes, pigmentation
  • dark circles, “bags” under eyes
  • descent of lacrimonasal sulsus
  • upper and lower eyelid hernias


  • lower and upper eyelids are tightened
  • depth and number of wrinkles around the eyes decreases
  • glabella folds are smoothed
  • trophism (blood supply) of tissues improves
  • lymph drainage is stimulated, puffiness of tissues decreases as a result
  • the skin around eyes becomes tightened and elastic

Benefits of the procedure:

  • non-traumatic
  • non-invasive
  • absence of complications and side effects
  • complete compatibility with other procedures
  • painless, anesthesia is not needed because pleasant warmth is only felt during the procedure
  • the procedure does not require a preparatory and rehabilitation period

General recommendations before the procedure:

it is necessary to remove contact lenses and metal things during the procedure.

Main recommendations after the procedure:

  • after an RF facelift session, it is recommended to refrain from sunbed and beach for the first 3 days
  • it is not recommended to visit baths and saunas on the day of influence
  • other procedures may not be performed in this field after the RF facelift for the next 24 hours
  • the treated skin sections may not have mechanical influence right after the procedure (rubbing, scratching, etc.)


Course is 2-4 procedures with the periodicity of 3-5 days, depending on the skin state around eyes.


Radio-frequency rejuvenation and facelift of the periorbital area around the eyes with the X-Lite Biopotential apparatus (Germany)

X-Lite Biopotential of periorbital area (around eyes)
90.00 €

AppointmentRadio-frequency rejuvenation and facelift of the periorbital area around the eyes with the X-Lite Biopotential apparatus (Germany)