Potassium (39,1 a.m.u.) – vital macronutrient, basic intracellular cation, required for functioning of all body cells. Potassium is being intaken with food: quite high concentration of potassium is in meat and milk products, cacao, many fruits, parsley, black tea.

Potassium agents are being used in medicine and various clinical occasions. Potassium is being easily absorbed and excreted from the body, mainly with urine. Concentration of potassium in plasm doesn’t reflect its real condition in cells. Mostly it is reflecting on hair. Concentration of potassium in hair and nails depends on the intake in body, spreading among tissues, general electrolytes balance, regulatory systems conditions (adrenal body hormones, sympathicoadrenal system, insulin).

Increase of potassium level in hair could mean excessive deposition of potassium in our body or disproportionation of this element among tissues; imbalance of electrolyte exchange or dysfunction of adrenal cortex.

Decreased concentration could indicate over-fatigue, metabolic diseases, cachexia of adrenal bodies. Decreased concentration of potassium increases risks of myocardial damages, erosion of gastric mucosa and endometrial mucosa, impairment of fertility and termination of pregnancy. In cases of regular potassium deficit patience face skin dryness, hair weakness and wounds are healing badly.