INNO-DERMA is a line of the cosmetics for preparation of skin for aesthetic procedures and post-procedural care, which improves and prolongs the achieved result.

INNO-DERMA is a cosmetic product providing the optimal solution of aesthetic problems with the skin thanks to a perfect mix of unique ingredients of the latest generation nourishing, regenerating and revitalizing the skin and also promoting rhytide effacement.

The line includes products for the face, including sun-protection means with SPF 50, and a series of the products for body that effectively solve cellulite problems, reduce volumes and lift the skin.

Products of the INNO-DERMA line can be used for home daily care, including for the problem skin, and also before aesthetic saloon procedures. They carefully clean the skin, without drying it, take care, moisten, promote regeneration and rejuvenation, reduce signs of inflammatory reactions.