Type of skin: For all skin types.


Nano-emulsion Cellular Eye Cream from Cell Fusion C against oedema and dark circles under eyes – effective product for unwrinkling thin wrinkles.

Delicate hydration and nourishing for skin around eyes.

Cell Fusion experts managed to combine two innovative technologies of “high” cosmeceutics to provide maximum effect for your skin around eyes. The best rejuvenation, brightening and lifting-components, CMS system with double nano-liposomas, normalizing the metabolism.

This product provides great tightening for skin around eyes, unwrinkles small wrinkles, increases nourishing and hydration, significantly decreases oedemas and dark circles. Contains no chemicals dangerous for your skin.


  • normalizes metabolism;
  • provides great lifting for skin around eyes;
  • unwrinkles small wrinkles;
  • providing increased nourishing and hydration;
  • significantly decreases oedemas and dark circles;

Active components:

  • Retinol/A vitamin – Actively rejuvenates skin, evens up its tone and relief, evens pigmentation traces. Provides replacement of dead cells to new and more sustainable.  Retinol –  main participant of skin regeneration, supports its protective functions, increases activity of skin cells enzymes, improves its elasticity and condition.
  • White willow cortex essence – Contains salicylic acid, infiltrating deeply into the pores, causing the sloughing of dead cells. Provides anti-inflammatory effect.
  • E Vitamin (tocopheryl acetate) – Very strong antioxidant worldwide famous as a “vitamin of youth”. Slow down ageing processes, prevents wrinkles and eliminates wrinkles, increasing skin elasticity and immune defence. Provides natural and healthy colouration.
  • Allantoin – high regenerating effect, allowing to quickly regenerate epidermis layers.
  • Hydrogenated lecithin – Antioxidant, helps keeping the moisture in deep skin layers, soothes, eases and normalizes the activity of sebaceous glands. Provides deeper infiltration of other active elements of the product.
  • Camellia essence – Natural antioxidant with very high biological activity. Protects from photo-ageing (hazardous effect from ultraviolet), free radicals, hydrates and soothes your skin.
  • Burdock root essence – Powerful detox-component and prebiotic. Cleans blood, kills bacteria, provides positive environment for the development of beneficial bacteria. Improves skin stress resistance, improves skin health.
  • Green tea leaves essence – provides high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect, soothes, removes irritation, indirectly acts like skin protection from UV band B, preventing breakdown of collagen and keratin cells.
  • Allantoin – softening and hydration effect on the skin and hair, stimulating wound healing and skin cells regeneration. It is a great moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial component.


Cellular Eye Cream provides decrease of oedema and dark circles around eyes.

Directions of use:

Apply small quantity of cream on the cleansed skin around eyes with soft, massage movements.