Type of skin:

For all skin types with dermatomelasma: solar, ageing, hormonal, anti-inflammatory.

Product description:

Intensive Advanced Derma Whitening Forte serosity from Cell Fusion C effectively solves such dermatological problems, like: erythema, pigmentation, atopy, telangiectasia and increased excessive sebum secretion; in general – all the problems, which could be caused by aggressive external treatment.

Skin age-related and hormonal changes, ultraviolet heat rays and damaging of skin barrier functions shall not be problems anymore – professional melano-regulating intensive serum of high quality will provide effective protection for your skin. It has a high sunscreen factor (SPF 36).

Applicable after laser treatment to prevent pigmentation.


  • decreases pigmented spots
  • ensures whitening, rejuvenating and antioxidant effect
  • effectively combats mimic and constant skin pinches
  • slowing down ageing processes

Active components:

  • Centella asiatica essence – Strongest antioxidant. Rejuvenates skin, improving its elasticity, stimulates collagenation. Improves blood circulation. Provides skin recovery, repairs small wounds, decreases scars.
  • Arbutin – proven assistant to prevent unwanted pigmentation. Botanical element decreases melanin response, staying completely safe for other skin cells. Evens out colouration, prevents pigmented spots.
  • E vitamin (tocopheryl acetate) – Very strong antioxidant worldwide famous as a vitamin of youth. Slow down ageing processes, prevents wrinkles and eliminates wrinkles, increasing skin elasticity and immune defence. Provides natural and healthy colouration.
  • Juice from leaves of Barbados aloe vera – Natural anti-inflammatory product. Sterilizes problem areas without causing any irritation. Moisturizes and makes your skin smooth as silk.
  • Zinc oxide – Gently protects from hazardous effects of ultraviolet. Stimulates cellular immune functions and decreases the risk of cancer.
  • Allantoin – high regenerating effect, allowing to quickly regenerate epidermis layers.
  • Purslane essence – Vitamined, rich of microelements and beneficial Omega-3 fatly acids. Ease irritated skin, increases regeneration process, removes inflammations and antisepticises.
  • Scentless Mayweed essence – Eases your skin, antisepticises, removes inflammations.
  • Asian sumac cortex essence – Provides light astringent and significant anti-inflammatory effect, decreases the bacterial growth.
  • Adenosine – Amino acid — one of the main cell elements. Unwrinkles, causing active protein synthesis. Doesn’t lose its effects under treatment of heat and light.
  • Bisabolol – natural product, manufactured by distilling essential oils of Candeia tree. Antibacterial, repairing, antimucotics product. Moreover, it effectively moisturizes your skin, making it smoother and provides regeneration of cells. Increases melanin synthesis, whitening the skin and making it more sensitive to UV rays, helps to recover from solar burns.
  • Betaine – Moisturises, conditions, removes skin irritation, decreases devastating effect of surface-active materials, increases conditioning effect of other materials, providing surface-effect for the skin, improving its appearance.
  • Hyaluronic acid – main moisturizing element in human skin. Provides moisturization for tissues, creating conditions for its rejuvenation and regeneration. Refreshes your skin and helps keeping it young and elastic.
  • Lecithin – Recovers skin barrier functions, has nourishment, smoothing and antioxidant effect and tonic effect, improving cellular synthesis and regenerating damaged skin cells, improving its protective functions.
  • Ascorbyl Phosphate – Has more oxidative stability than ascorbic acid and has more effect in case of low irritating treatment. Blocks melanogenesis, increases collagenation, protects from skin dryness and keeps it healthy and young, also has antioxidant effect.
  • Macadamia oil – has softening and nourishing effect, recovers skin layers, has antioxidant effect.
  • Shea butter – has softening, rejuvenation and tonic effect, nourishes and moisturizes your skin, improving collagenation, providing elasticity and smoothness to your skin.

Method of application:

Apply necessary quantity of serum on the whole face in the moring and in the evening before applying a cream.


Advanced Derma Whitening Forte serum whitens and decreases wrinkles.