The light texture is easily distributed and absorbed in just a few movements, providing fast and convenient application without residue. Immediate sensation of relieving muscle tension due to thermogenic action. Ideal for the occurrence of muscle pain and tension, especially after sports for a quick recovery.

Volume: 150 ml.


78% of participants report relief after exercising* 74% of participants report reduced muscle fatigue* *International Testing Commission. 37 subjects. Application within 20 days


ARNICA MONTANA extract of a flower common in Europe and widely used in herbal medicine. The extract, rich in flavonoids and chlorogenic acid, has a soothing, anti-inflammatory and decongestant effect, protects against oxidative stress.

THERMOGENIC INGREDIENT, which activates the tissue reaction and vasodilation responsible for the perception of heat. This action allows the tissues to absorb the active ingredients more efficiently and provides an immediate feeling of relieving muscle tension.

EXTRACTS OF AROMATIC ESSENTIAL OILS (MENTHOL, CAMPHOR AND CINEOL), their fragrance gives an instant feeling of lightness and relaxation.