Type of skin: All types of skin, pigmented.


Evens out skin tone – Photaging Whitening Forte from Cell Fusion C is a rejuvenating and whitening cream.

Inhibits melanogenesis, brightens pigmented spots, moisturizes. Effectively recovers skin barrier and skin structure.


  • Inhibits melanogenesis, brightens pigmented spots of any origin
  • increases skin barrier function
  • immediately moisturizes and prevent from dehydration
  • normalizes skin hydrolipidic mantle

Active ingredients:

  • α-Bisabolol – antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antimucotics effect on the skin, eases the skin, removes irritation and sloughing. Evens out skin surface and provides even tone, decreases wrinkles and increases elasticity of skin, whitens pigmented spots and pitted facial scars. Increases deeper infiltration of active elements to deeper skin layers, protects the skin from hazardous UV treatment, decreases couperosis.
  • Macadamia oil – Legendary rejuvenating oil with significant antioxidant effect. Easily absorbs into the skin, nourishing it with nutritional chemicals, creating a thin breathing drape. Removes irritation and sloughing. Normalizes the balance of moisture and lipids.
  • Hydrogenated lecithin – Antioxidant, helps keeping the moisture in deep skin layers, soothes, eases and normalizes the activity of sebaceous glands. Provides deeper infiltration of other active elements of the product.
  • Shea butter – Softens, recovers skin cover quickly, regenerates and provides anti-ageing effect, is a great emollient, providing anti-inflammatory effect and increases cicatrisation. Doesn’t clog up pores.
  • E Vitamin (tocopheryl acetate) – Very strong antioxidant worldwide famous as a “vitamin of youth”. Slow down ageing processes, prevents wrinkles and eliminates wrinkles, increasing skin elasticity and immune defence. Provides natural and healthy colouration.
  • Arbutin – proven assistant to prevent unwanted pigmentation. Botanical element decreases melanin response, staying completely safe for other skin cells. Evens out colouration, prevents pigmented spots.
  • Hyaluronic acid – main moisturizing element in human skin. Provides moisturization for tissues, creating conditions for its rejuvenation and regeneration. Refreshes your skin and helps keeping it young and elastic.

Directions of use:

Photaging Whitening Forte Cell Fusion C – skin tone evening cream shall be applied with circular movements on the cleansed skin of face and neck in the morning and in the evening, paying special attention to pigmented areas. In case of necessity may be applied repeatedly throughout the day.

To achieve maximum brightening effect Photoaging Whitening Forte shall be applied after Advanced Mela Treatment.


Cream helps gently whiten existing pigmented spots, including after laser therapy and prevent the appearance of new ones. It is one of the strongest and safest ways to solve this problem.